Two Great Pro-Life Opportunities

This week we’ve heard from our friends at two other pro-life organizations about some great opportunities coming up. we know better now First, Human Life Alliance asked us to spread the word about their current Campus Impact project—a great opportunity for your club to participate in:

Students can win money for their campus clubs through a brand new “Campus Impact Award” sponsored by http://www.humanlife.org/index.php and Students for Life of America (SFLA). Three prizes of $500, $250 and $250 will be awarded to student clubs that promote pro-life issues on campus using HLA materials and succeed in producing creative and broad reaching educational efforts. The contest runs February 1st through March 31, 2009 so don’t delay! Contact pro-life students in your area today! We are already hearing about student groups that are excited to impact their campuses with HLA materials, but we need to tell more students about this great opportunity. Click here [PDF] to see official rules. Contestants are encouraged to document their “Campus Impact” project with YouTube style videos to present for final judging.

bryan kemper at teenspeak 2009And yesterday, we heard from Bryan Kemper:

Stand True Summer Mission Trip Application – Due March 14th The Stand True Mission Trip is more than just a tour of music festivals; it is a mission trip. While it may seem glamorous to get the opportunity to travel across the country and hang out great bands and have a blast, it is also very hard work. The work is hard physically, mentally and spiritually. The team will consist of 6-10 people ages 16 -28 that will have to be able to let go of the little things that bug us. We will travel in a 15-passenger van and doing a lot of camping at the festivals. We will be around each other for most of the day and have to learn to get along even when we don’t want to. There will be people on the tour from different backgrounds and different churches. There will be differences in opinions and doctrinal beliefs. With all of this we will have to learn to respect each other and live with those differences. But with all of these differences there will also be common bonds that do bring us together. Stand True believes in Jesus Christ as our Savior and that He is the only way to salvation. We believe that through only through Christ will this battle to end the killing of innocent children be completed. We believe that this work is not political, but more of a Gospel outreach. While setting up booths at festivals is what we will be doing most, there are many other things we will be doing on tour. We will be speaking at festivals, churches and other events. We will be doing outreach and prayer vigils at abortion clinics, not protesting but bringing the Gospel in love, praying and offering alternatives to those women who are considering abortions. There will be training on pro-life issues, speaking and writing. You will be required to give at least two pro-life speeches to our group, keep a journal of your experiences and write commentaries on different pro-life issues. You will be in situations at the booth where you will have to talk to people and defend the pro-life message and the Gospel. The festivals offer primitive camping situations where there will be only porta-potties and primitive cold showers. There will be times when we do stay at host homes and if we receive enough donations we will stay in motels occasionally. (Separate rooms of course for guys and girls). At many of the festivals people donate food to us and other times we just cook camp food. We put a sign up at the booth asking for food donations and God is very good to provide for us. I don’t write all of this to scare you, but to prepare you for what you will be in store for over the summer. I will tell you, however, that there will be plenty of fun on this trip as well. We work with many other groups that are also touring the festivals and get to meet a lot of great people. No One Underground is a group that travels with us for much of the summer and they are an amazing group of people. We also get to see some great bands and you will get the opportunity to meet many of the bands. The nights at the campfire are some of the best times as well. If you would like to apply to be part of this mission trip, you can download your application here.

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