There’s still time to have a Prolife Summer!

Don’t let your prolife group be inactive in these remaining summer weeks! Now is the best time to prayer witness and sidewalk counsel in front of abortuaries! There is no poor weather, you’re less busy than you are during the school year, and it’s now when our presence is needed most! Remember, there’s 168 hours in a week; during the summer how many of those are devoted to academics? I’ve no doubt everybody can at least make an effort to give some time out of their week for this (literally speaking) life and death mission! Try to be out there and make a difference! *You could host a pro-life movie night and have it benefit a pro-life cause! *You can start rallying people together to take part in the 4th annual Wash for Life on Sept. 19, 2009. (The Wash for Life is a pro-life youth event held all across the country on the same day to benefit local pregnancy care centers! Pro-life youth groups hold a car wash in their own home town and then donate the proceeds. Last year 72 groups partook in this fun event, and over $32,000 was raised for local pregnancy care centers!) *You can encourage your prolife friends and family to participate in the 40 Days for Life campaign! Over 215,000 people in 240 cities have participated in this life-changing event — and at least 1,561 lives (that we know of) have been saved from abortion. The dates for this year’s Autumn campaign are Sept. 23- Nov. 1st. Look to see if you’re city is participating, contact the coordinators, and sign your club up for an hour. Better yet, if you’re able, have your group take a day and have each of it’s members, their families and friends spend an hour praying for an end to abortion. Also, you may wish to start preparing for the upcoming March for Life in Washington DC. The date is Friday, Jan. 22nd, 2010. Many of you attended last year, and can concur that it is an experience of a lifetime! As someone who’s gone for eight consecutive years, I can say it only gets better every time! The opportunity to interact and just be in the company of hundreds of thousands of prolife people, mainly youth like ourselves, is inexplicably uplifting and powerful! Show your community you’re truly invested in the prolife movement and put your beliefs in action! Go out to the abortuary in your vicinity as much as you can for as long as you can! Whether or not someone walks out of an abortuary and tells you this, it goes without saying that your presence not only has an ‘impact’, but saves lives!

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