RedEye Story Highlights Changing Opinions on Abortion

Corrina Gura on the cover of Chicago's RedEye newspaper

League staffer Corrina Gura on the cover of the RedEyeClick to read the story

Chicago’s RedEye, a daily newspaper aimed at young professionals, ran a story Wednesday, December 23, entitled The Abortion Debate: It’s Personal by Leonor Vivanco.

The story examines current opinions on abortion from the perspective of college students and young professionals. The story quotes League projects coordinator Corrina Gura and assistant communications director Matt Yonke. Corrina’s photo was also used for the cover, which can be seen at the right.

The RedEye isn’t known for having a conservative bias, but the story is very fair to the pro-life perspective. What the story makes perfectly clear is that, even 37 years after Roe v. Wade, abortion is still headline news and that pro-lifers will not be cowed into silence.

The pro-life community should be excited that the issue has not faded into obscurity as abortion supporters hoped it would. If anything, the grisly procedure is more in the public eye than ever before thanks to the efforts of pro-life groups across the country.

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