Protest goes on through winds and snow

Eric Scheidler inspires the picketersSaturday, February 21 was a blustery morning. Winds whipped across the vacant lot adjacent to Planned Parenthood Aurora as pro-lifers gathered at the corner of New York Street and Oakhurst Drive to protest the presence of the Abortion Fortress in their community. This was the nineteenth month in a row pro-lifers held a rally at the facility. Stalwart activists Joe Williams and Wanda Geist came out early to shovel the sidewalk and sidewalk counselor Joe Basar got there shortly thereafter with a snowblower to finish the job and sprinkle some salt. This was a vast improvement over January’s protest where protesters trudged through many inches of accumulated snow. There was certainly less snow to trudge through, but the icy wind persisted throughout the entire protest, making a 30 degree day feel much colder. Over 60 attended the protest, carrying signs reading “Moms for Life”, “Planned Parenthood LIES to You” and “Planned Parenthood BAD for Aurora” among others. Protesters march outside of Planned Parenthood AuroraSeveral people attended for the very first time, having just heard about the protest from Eric Scheidler’s email alerts. Others have been coming out since community outrage erupted in the summer of 2007 when Fox Valley residents first heard about Planned Parenthood’s plans to enter Aurora. Midway through the protest, Eric Scheidler got on the bullhorn to encourage the crowd and lead them in chants of “Life Yes Abortion No” and other inspirational cheers. At the end of the protest, Eric and Pro-Life Action League staff gave all the pro-lifers a copy of the League’s new handbook “Sharing the Pro-Life Message“. Sharing the Pro-Life Message is a pocket sized guide to the abortion issue, packed with all the facts, figures and reasoned arguments a pro-lifer needs to discuss the topic with courage and compassion. You can get a free copy of “Sharing the Pro-Life Message” at FreeProlifeHandbook.com. Planned Parenthood can count on seeing pro-life faces outside their clinic the third Saturday of every month till the day they close their doors.

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