Pro-Life Action League Joins Naples Coalition to Stop Planned Parenthood’s Scheme to Terminate an Abortion-Free Community

For Immediate Release

In light of the murder of pro-life activist Jim Pouillion in Michigan last Friday, nationally-known pro-life activist, Eric Scheidler, will encourage local activists not to be intimidated and keep fighting Planned Parenthood and helping women choose life for their unborn babies.
When: MONDAY, September 14, 2009, 1:00 pm Eastern
What: Press conference during an all-day protest and prayer organized by the leadership of the Pro-Life Action League, who works around the country to empower local pro-life advocates; training for pro-life activists on how to legally shut down abortion providers; information distributed on effective, compassionate, and non-judgmental help that is readily available for women facing an untimely pregnancy.
Where: Planned Parenthood Naples Center, 1425 Creech Road, Naples, FL 34103.

  • Hundreds of Pro-Lifer Activists and Supporters from Naples
  • Ave Maria College and Ave Maria Law School Students
  • Statements to the media will be made by:
    • Eric Scheidler, Executive Director, Pro-Life Action League
    • Joe Hennessy, President, Naples Pro-Life Council
    • Patricia Bucaio and Fred Goduti, Naples Abortion Alternative Coalition
    • Michael Ryon, Collier Pregnancy Centers
    • Linda Hale, Sunlight Home
    • Loretta Judy, Project Rachel/Silent No More Awareness Campaign
    • Tracy Nunley and John Scharfenberger, Ave Maria Students for Life

Statement from Eric Scheidler: “Planned parenthood has a long, dark history of insinuating their abortion
business into American neighborhoods through deception, stealth and strong- arm tactics. Now they’ve brought the grisly abortion business to the peaceful town of Naples, Florida.”

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