Planned Parenthood’s “Teen Talk”: New Look, Same Bad Advice

**Warning: This post includes graphic language from a Planned Parenthood website.** For years, pro-lifers have been warning about the dangers of teenwire.com, Planned Parenthood’s website for teens. (Pro-life blogger Dawn Eden wrote one of the best articles on why Teenwire is so bad in the Christian magazine Touchstone a few years back.) But now, Teenwire is no longer Teenwire. It’s now Teen Talk, according to teenwire.com’s Facebook page: Basically: new look, same content. But no matter how “fancy-pants” Planned Parenthood wants to dress it up, the advice it gives is never in the best interests of teens’ physical health (not to mention spiritual health). Use your own good judgment to decide if you want to check out Teen Talk, and definitely don’t watch any of the videos if little kids are around. One of the videos featured on the site (which originally appeared on the old Teenwire site) is called “The Sexually Transmitted Infection Petting Zoo”, which includes a quiz that tests your knowledge of STIs/STDs and how they are spread. One of the questions asks this: If you click on “That sounds right”, you get this: But when you click on “That couldn’t possibly be right”, you get this: Did you catch that? Not only does Planned Parenthood recommend some things that no parent would ever want their teenager to do, but they admit that some of these forms of “sex play” still carry a risk of STDs — even though they just said it’s “wrong” to say “the ONLY way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is not having any sex play at all.” So despite the “fancy-pants” new look, Planned Parenthood — which calls itself “America’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate” — is still giving self-contradictory advice on how to prevent STDs. And we’re supposed to continue trusting them with over $330 million of our tax dollars every year? The next question asks: Now, obviously, people who have had sex outside of marriage should get tested for STDs. But virgins who are single and live chastely have exactly no chance of getting an STD, so why is it the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” to say that everyone, apparently, needs to get tested at least once a year? The message Planned Parenthood is conveying here: …is that getting tested for STDs is the way to be “responsible”. Planned Parenthood is implying that teens inevitably will — and even should — continue having sex, but as long as they’re practicing “safe” sex “safer” sex and getting tested for STDs once a year, they will continue to be acting “responsibly”. This is where Planned Parenthood is hopelessly wrong. The truly responsible thing to do is to realize that sex speaks a language of permanent, committed, self-giving love — the type of love that can only exist within marriage — and that outside of marriage, sex can never bring lasting happiness. These excerpts from Teen Talk are tame compared to a lot of what else is on the site. But even they make it clear that Planned Parenthood encourages sex outside of marriage, and that they want teens to see it as normal — and, on the other hand, to see chastity as abnormal.

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