Planned Parenthood pushes pernicious HB5615 at Aurora “community forum”: FAPP to protest

Little girl with a 'Planned Parenthood Lies to You' sign at a monthly protest.Planned Parenthood is holding a so-called “Community Forum on Reproductive Justice” at the Eola Community Center (Map) in Aurora on Wednesday, February 11. The meeting is one of a series taking place around the state as part of an effort to drum up support for Illinois House Bill 5615, now being called the Reproductive Justice and Access Act (RJAA), and Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood will be there to protest. Join us at 5:30 p.m. to let Planned Parenthood know that this community does not support them or their political agenda. I say this is a “so-called” community forum because who’s ever heard of a community meeting where you have to RSVP? Aren’t community meetings supposed to be open to he community? Not only that, but a week before the actual meeting, the registration on their website is closed. Strange doings, but we’re used to secrecy and deceit from Planned Parenthood. Nothing new there. You may recall this measure came up in the Illinois house last March. We talked about it on the blog and at the Pro-Life Action League’s site. The RJAA is very similar to the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) currently at issue in the national congress, only on the state level. It looks like the legislature will be taking the bill up again and Planned Parenthood is doing their dirty work. If passed, the RJAA would:

  • Make comprehensive sex-ed mandatory in all Illinois public schools
  • Force doctors to perform abortions in some circumstances
  • Force doctors and pharmacists to dispense contraception
  • Remove all restrictions on abortion, such as waiting periods, parental notice, and informed consent laws

…and more. More details are available on the Illinois General Assembly website. We’ll be in for a fight in the legislature over this one, and we’ll let you know when to call and write your representatives. Until the, join us next Wednesday to say NO to the RJAA and NO to Planned Parenthood.

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