Open your eyes. Open your mind.

Ironic context for GAP display [Click for larger version]Fletcher Armstrong of the Center for Bioethical Reform sent me this interesting photo from a recent Genocide Awareness Project event in Knoxville, TN. Check out the banners on the Knoxville Museum of Art behind the GAP crew. They read “Open your eyes” and “Open your mind.” This is precisely the message of this kind of display of graphic abortion images: open your eyes to the reality of abortion and thereby grasp the tremendous injustice being done to unborn children. Americans would rather not think about abortion—so they are all too eager to shut their eyes and ignore the reality of abortion. Banner: Open your eyes.You can click on the photo above to see a larger version with the banners clearly legible, and here are a couple of close-ups of them. It’s interesting that we are so eager—especially on campus—to laud the principle of opening our eyes to hidden truths and opening our minds to thinking about things in a fresh way, except when it comes to abortion. Banner: Open your mind.A truly open mind will face the horrible truth about what abortion does to the unborn child and weigh whether a society which tolerates this can truly call itself free. Kudos to Fletcher and the Knoxville pro-lifers for showing the truth about abortion, and for launching their new Corporate Accountability Project in Knoxville, calling on businesses—like property management companies—to end their involvement in the abortion industry.

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