Baby Saved on League’s October “Face the Truth” Day

Pro-lifers hold graphic abortion signs in Melrose Park, IL

Pro-lifers hold graphic abortion signs in Melrose Park, IL [Photo by Matt Yonke]

A stalwart crew of dedicated volunteers joined the Pro-Life Action League’s October “Face the Truth” Day across the near west suburbs of Chicago on Wednesday, October 21.

The first stop of the day was in Melrose Park at the corner of North Avenue and First Avenue, just outside the former grounds of the recently closed Kiddieland amusment park. Pro-lifers lined the streets with graphic signs and many motorists saw the truth about abortion on their morning commute.

The next stop of the day was in Maywood. Volunteers spread out in all four directions from the corner of Roosevelt Road and First Avenue with first trimester abortion and baby Malachi signs.

Police came to observe and protect pro-lifers’ First Amendment rights at this site. Though the League counts on and usually receives help and protection from local police while conducting Truth Tours, the Maywood police were particularly helpful, even allowing unrestricted distribution of literature.

Police keep pro-lifers safe in Maywood

Police keep pro-lifers safe in Maywood [Photo by Eric Scheidler]

During the second site, a young African-American woman named Valerie approached League vice president Ann Scheidler and told her that she had an abortion scheduled at Chicago’s Family Planning Associates abortion facility but, after seeing the pictures showing the truth about abortion, she was reconsidering.

Ann sent her to talk with veteran sidewalk counselors Cathy Mieding and Alberta Rael, who encouraged Valerie, already a mother of two, to give her children the gift of a new sibling and spare herself and her baby the pain and suffering that come with abortion.

Before Valerie left, she seemed resolute to keep her baby and visit Aid for Women, a local pregnancy resource center, to get help. She exchanged phone numbers with Cathy and Alberta so they could keep in touch. Please keep Valerie and her family in your prayers.

Volunteer Chris Iverson with a Jesus sign

Volunteer Chris Iverson in Berwyn [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

Also at the second site, a group of high school students walking from nearby Proviso Math and Science Academy to their P.E. class at an adjoining park walked directly through the League’s display, impressing upon them the real face of what modern culture sells to them as “choice.” Many were clearly moved by the reality behind the mask that Planned Parenthood and Family Planning Associates put on their deadly business.

After a wonderful lunch generously provided and hosted by the League’s John Jansen and his wife Jocelyn, the Truth Day ended with a stop in Berwyn at Harlem Avenue and Cermak Road.

Though the weather was in the 60’s and sunny all day, high winds made it a challenge for volunteers to keep their signs in place, but the volunteers stood their ground. Foot traffic from the many bus stops around the intersection brought many people across the Truth display who otherwise may have never seen or thought about what abortion does to babies.

League national director Joe Scheidler thanked the small but dedicated crew and closed the day with prayer.

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