Pro-Life Action League Pickets NARAL Fundraiser

Jerry Nickels holds a baby Malachi sign outside the Swissotel

Pro-lifer Jerry Nickels protesting outside the Swissotel [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, held their a national “Power of Choice” fundraising luncheon at the Swissotel in downtown Chicago on Thursday May 7, 2009. The Pro-Life Action League was there to remind them what “Choice” really means.

At 10:30 a.m., before NARAL’s guests began to arrive, League assistant communications director Matt Yonke directed pro-life volunteers to line Wacker Drive with baby Malachi signs from the driveway of the hotel all the way to Columbus Drive.

The next group of volunteers set up with the League’s famous Stop Abortion Now picket signs right next to the driveway. Whenever cars approached the entrance, the picketers formed a veritable wall with their signs making the message clear to all who entered the Swissotel.

Pro-lifers hold 'Stop Abortion Now' signs as NARAL supporters enter the hotel

Pro-lifers hold Stop Abortion Now signs as NARAL supporters enter the hotel [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

Much of the protest was set up along the cab stand on Wacker Drive. This provided ample opportunity for pro-lifers to interact with the cab drivers waiting to catch a fare.

Stalwart pro-life activist Mike Busse had a lengthy conversation with one cab driver who was under the impression that President Obama’s “Pro-Choice” stance was a good thing. When Mike told him that pro-choice meant he supports what the baby Malachi posters portray he was shocked and appalled.

At about 11:30 a steady stream of flashy vehicles carrying sharply dressed men and women started pouring into the hotel for the fundraiser. A few shouted curses at the pro-lifers, but most drove in simply shocked to see the reality of abortion at an abortion-rights fundraiser.

Joe Scheidler addresses pro-lifers after NARAL picket

Joe Scheidler encourages the pro-life faithful [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

After the crowd arriving at the luncheon died down, League national director Joe Scheidler gathered the crowd of more than 30 pro-lifers on the corner next to the hotel. He told them that the important thing about activism was to keep doing it. He reminded them that they must keep the abortion issue front and center in the public eye so that this controveresy never dies down until abortion ends in America.

Joe invited the crowd to join him at Notre Dame on May 17 for the protest of President Obama’s speech there and told them that any time pro-abortion forces like NARAL show up in Chicago, the Pro-Life Action League will be there to show them the truth. To close, Joe led the crowd in the Our Father and a chorus of “Praise God” to the tune of Amazing Grace.

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