Requiescat in Pace, Marie Smith

Marie Smith

Marie Smith on a Face the Truth Tour with the League

Loyal activist and longtime Pro-Life Action League volunteer Marie Smith, 86, died December 21 of a massive heart attack. Marie was the mother of eight children and had many grandchildren.

The previous day, while at Mass at St. Mary of the Angels Parish in Chicago, she told her son Richard that she hoped to have her funeral there.

Marie was exceptionally devoted to the pro-life cause. The very first League Face the Truth Tour in the year 2000 lasted ten days, visiting three sites every day. Marie joined every one of those thirty sites. Featured on the League’s Face the Truth video, she has been an inspiration to pro-life activists of all ages.

For the past eight years, Marie had served as the volunteer custodian of the files at the League’s chicago office, where, every Tuesday, she came to work with a box of Dunkin Donuts for the staff. We pray that Marie will be greeted in heaven by the Lord and by a chorus of voices of the children whose lives she cherished as she worked for their protection and respect.

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