Laws? So What!

The title of this blog says just about exactly what I’m thinking at this point in history. We who work in this great movement for the Culture of Life are devastated by the blindness of America in electing Barack Obama President. We’re disgusted with the liberalism of Congress, and the dealings of the many unfit Justices on the Supreme Court. What are we to do? You know, that’s a very good question, and I think one that’s overwhelming a lot of good people right now. It’s one that’s tempting us to just drop it all. We feel like getting discouraged because we can just see the successive disastrous laws that are likely to come raining down in deathly destruction upon our country through our new Administration. We envision abortion and euthanasia skyrocketing, becoming the law of the land, and the sanctity of marriage disappearing. What are we to do now? And this is a perfect time in my blog for me to insert a one-liner that is becoming a favorite of mine: Laws? So what! This sums up something that I heard recently from Fr. Frank Pavone after the elections. He mentioned the importance for us to keep in mind the fact that, no matter how many pro-death laws our national leaders make, what does it matter if there are no babies for the abortionists to kill? Don’t you love that one?! It explains perfectly the truth that it’s up to us, each one of us, to help build the Culture of Life in our communities, and by thus doing, we counteract the evil laws by making them insignificant, because there is no use of them. Obama and his team can make every law they want supporting abortion and any other death, but if people in our communities embrace the Culture of Life and thus shun what those laws would legalize, they will mean nothing. They will stand only as remnants of a legacy of death. So let’s get to work, all of us! We have 40 Days for Life coming up here again in the Spring, and this is a great opportunity for you to get a good start in this awesome movement! The number of abortions per day in the U.S. is going down, so we are truly making an impact, no matter how much Obama tells Planned Parenthood that he and they together “will not let us win”! The president and legislature of a nation do not determine the course of that nation; its people do! It will go where we take it. Will we be a people of life, or a people of death? All of us, individually, must decide and answer this question. To be a people of life, we must live a constant reaching out in love, compassion, and help to those in need. We must give ourselves to the service and well-being of our neighbor, instead of focusing only on what we can take. What will you do to advance the Culture of Life in your community? Remember: laws? So what! God bless.

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