Killing Is Not the Answer

When I found out yesterday that late-term abortionist George Tiller had been shot and killed, I was shocked. Generations for Life and our parent organization, the Pro-Life Action League, join the entire pro-life movement in condemning this act of violence. You can see our response here. It had been more than ten years since the last shooting of an abortionist. The attacks from the pro-choice side that we pro-lifers are violent were sounding more and more false. Now we can expect to hear these attacks again. Some pro-choice groups are already calling for President Obama to “get tough” on what they call “harassment and intimidation” at abortion facilities. But the truth is that the kind of peaceful prayer witness, compassionate sidewalk counseling and lawful protest that the Pro-Life Action League and Generations for Life promote has NOTHING to do with violence. The sort of person who will go out to humbly pray at an abortion clinic week after week or reach out to abortion-bound mothers with hope and love has nothing in common with someone who would turn to violence. What’s worse, Tiller no longer has the chance to convert and become pro-life — as some of those who worked with him over the years have done. My dad, Joe Scheidler, actually had a couple of encounters with George Tiller. One time they even shared a cab together! You can read about that here. I ask you to please join me in praying that the pro-life movement — which has been gaining so much ground lately — will not be set back by this horrible news. This could be the beginning of a new wave of oppression against pro-lifers. But it could instead be a new opportunity to show our true face of compassion and peace. That’s what we must pray for.

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