Counter-Protestors Seek No Common Ground at June Truth Day

Pro-lifer Dan Brasic talks with a young pro-choice woman outside the Art Institute [Photo by Matt Yonke]

The Pro-Life Action League held its June “Truth Day” on Wednesday, June 10 at two sites in downtown Chicago—first at the Art Institute of Chicago and the second at Union Station. Twenty pro-lifers came out to hold signs depicting the reality of abortion.

Conversation and Confrontation

The Art Institute provided interesting ground for discussion. A few passersby accused the pro-lifers of somehow being responsible for the death of late-term abortionist George Tiller, but on the whole response to the tour was positive.

Dan Brasic, a pro-life high-school student who joined in for both sites of the day, had a lengthy conversation with a young pro-choice woman. Though she left unconvinced of the pro-life position, Dan was able to give her some food for thought on the value of human life.

Matt and Eric contrast a defiant pro-abortion banner with the gory truth of abortion [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

At Adams Street and Wacker Drive, just outside Union Station, the League was met by counter-protestors from the NARAL Illinois Choice Action Team and World Can’t Wait.

One of the counter-protestors from World Can’t Wait carried a bloodied baby doll which he pretended was shouting offensive sentiments at pro-lifers. Another stood in front of stalwart pro-lifer Mike Busse’s baby Malachi sign, stretching her arms out to cover the sign. Police eventually intervened to stop her attempt to shut down Mike’s exercise of free speech.

Seeking Common Ground

Later in the protest, two counter-protesters pulled out a 10′ x 3′ banner reading “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology.” Acting quickly, the League’s Eric Scheidler and Matt Yonke took a third trimester abortion sign and stood behind them, making it clear exactly what they believe should be available on demand and without apology.

A pro-choice protester attempts to block pro-lifer Mike Busse’s sign [Photo by Matt Yonke]

During the ten minutes they stood in close quarters with the pro-abortion sign holders, Eric and Matt tried several times to start a conversation, but were met with cold refusal. One of them declared she didn’t want to talk to Eric and Matt because pro-lifers are “all a bunch of murderers.”

Pro-Choicer Cited for Disorderly Conduct

Police presence was high at both sites, which was a blessing. Towards the end of the second site, the League’s Corrina Gura was standing peacefully with a passerby spat on he baby Malachi sign. Corrina alerted a nearby officer who stopped the woman and issued her a ticket for disorderly conduct.

It was an excellent truth day and thousands of commuters and museum-goers were put face to face with the uncomfortable truth about abortion. Thanks to all who volunteered to make the day such a success.

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