Highly Recommended

Hey, I just got a copy of the new pro-life booklet that the Pro-Life Action League and Generations for Life put together, called Sharing the Pro-Life Message, and wow! This is no small accomplishment. I can totally appreciate the many years that must have gone into the wonderfully persuasive answers to the many different pro-abortion arguments and questions that are covered in the book. They are really done just right: accurate and persuasive, but not too many words. Too many words can get tedious and lose the point. This book has no problem of that. I also noticed that everything is included in Sharing the Pro-Life Message! From pictures of life in the womb, to pictures of aborted babies, everything you need to know and understand about the pro-life message is in this book. It is amazing how much they got into so small a book. The simple truth. Immediately after I received the book, I showed it to some of my pro-life teenage friends. It was an instant hit! They have recently become very involved in this movement, and some of them were in the middle of trying to find some truly worthwhile books that could help them better understand and share the pro-life message. This book was everything they could want, and all they wanted to know was how soon they could have one! I already gave away mine, and I’m ordering more now for my friends. I’m just so excited about Sharing the Pro-Life Message, and I am very grateful to the Pro-Life Action League and Generations for Life for putting it together! Please do get your own copy of this incredible and very useful booklet. You’ll be so glad you did! Each of us can always learn more about the beautiful mission of this great movement. God bless.

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