Face the Truth Recap

Our Face the Truth Tour last week went great! We had big crowds of pro-lifers at all our sites, and on two sites on the last day we had enough volunteers to hold all 88 of our large signs. Before the Tour, we realized we only had a few thousand Face the Truth brochures left, so we had another 10,000 printed. It’s a good thing we did, because we now have only a few hundred left—everything else was distributed to drivers and people walking by our display who wanted to know more about it. It’s not uncommon during a Face the Truth Tour to have some people just happen to pass by and decide spontaneously to join us, but this seemed to happen even more often than in years past. Praise God! Thankfully, we had no major run-ins with local police departments this year, unlike the last two years. Most importantly, though, countless hearts were changed after seeing the ugly reality of abortion. We hope to have a full report on this year’s Tour on the Pro-Life Action League site soon.

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