Dozens protest at State Rep Kay Hather’s office

Protesters outside State Rep Hatcher's officeMonday, March 30, more than 30 people came out to protest HB2354 in front of the district office of State Representative Kay Hatcher. Leading the protest were local pro-lifers Dan Wurtz and Julie Van Domelen of Holy Cross Church in Batavia. Dan and Julie had arranged a meeting with Rep. Hatcher to deliver the hundreds of petition signatures against HB2354 from her district. They used that time to bring a peaceful, prayerful protest against HB2354 and Rep. Hatcher’s stand in support of it. Dan had this to say about the meeting:

Mrs. Hatcher was honest and to the point. While expressing reservations on HB-2354 she did say, “If you were to categorize me it would be Pro-Choice.” I sensed genuine conflict on the bill, but didn’t think that it alone would influence her vote.

She reiterated a few times a general theme that she had to be the representative for ALL the district and not all families and/or situations are ideal. Where conscience of health professionals was concerned, we were told that significant changes were being made to that part of the bill.

But, as we’ve seen, the problem is the whole bill, not the parts that are being amended. Dan continues:

We are trying to keep constant dialogue with Mrs. Hatcher to help her understand the moral implications of passing a bill even resembling HB-2354 is not the leadership this state or district needs.

Bottom line is this, We all have to keep pressure on our representatives by calling them and educating others about the bill and their representatives phone number. In these dark days we must show that we are servants of the most high, by protecting life.

Thanks so much for standing up for Life, Dan, and thanks for the report.

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