Battalions of pro-lifers join the third annual Jericho March

Randy Schoof leads the first batallion of marchers in the 3rd annual Jericho MarchOne of the most special events in the history of our battle against Planned Parenthood here in Aurora is the Jericho March. Saturday, October 17 marked the third anniversary of the Jericho March and this year’s march was one of the best yet. Read about the marches from 2007 and 2008. The fall air was brisk as pro-lifers gathered at the corner of New York and Oakhurst with red cross banners, American flags and picket signs reading “Moms for Life,” “Dads for Life,” “Stop Abortion NOW,” “Planned Parenthood Kills Babies,” and “Planned Parenthood LIES to You.” Benedict Wiesner leads a battalion of pro-lifers around Planned ParenthoodIn all, five battalions of pro-lifers numbering between 15 and 40 people marched the mile around the block where Planned Planned Parenthood is located singing hymns, praying the Rosary and witnessing for life. Each group started out with a prayer for God to bless the march and bring an end to abortion in Aurora and across the country. The first group was led by Pastor Randy Schoof of Warehouse Church in Aurora. As the groups came in, they lined New York Street with the banners and picket signs. During the march, an Aurora police officer stopped by where sidewalk counselor Tom Livorsi was trying to offer help to women entering the clinic. The officer told Tom that he was forbidden from raising his voice to reach the women unless they ask for information. Police talk to sidewalk counselor Tom Livorsi outside Planned Parenthood AuroraThese instructions were, of course, unconstitutional and goes against everything the settlement agreement currently being crafted in the lawsuit between Families Against Planned Parenthood and the City of Aurora. Eric Scheidler immediately called attorney Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society pro-life law center who is working on the agreement with federal judge Virgina Kendall. Fortunately, the officer had other business to attend to, so Tom Livorsi was able to resume his counseling. When all the battalions had returned, the group gathered on the corner for a final prayer. God has been very kind to the pro-life movement here in the Fox Valley, and Saturday’s march was proof.

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