A Problem of Not Enough Food?

You’ll probably remember me posting a blog in response to an article that came out in the sping of last year, and the article was titled, “Want to Help the Environment? Don’t Have Children”. Time Magazine printed it. The blazing hypocrisy and stupidity of the article was almost mind boggling, and I was just fuming. I’m still fuming. Every time that article comes to mind, I just can’t take it! I think that it was an excellant example of the Culture of Death using extreme lies to propagate their agenda. And recently, I found a new thing that plainly shows that the problem is not that there is not enough food and money to support new people in the world; the problem is our excessive waste! Just think for two minutes about the extreme amount of money, food money for poor people, that is going into Obama’s inauguration festivities! The donations alone that I read he received equaled $27 million! And how much more can you imagine he will spend for all those balls he has scheduled? On snacks, dress apparel, transportation, elaborate what-not. What will it amount to at the end? And after Obama and his friends have spent all those millions of dollars celebrating, what will have been done for all the poor and hungry of our world? What will Obama have done to erase the misery and wreckage of our humanity? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He will have only made it worse by wasting so much. And if anyone reading this is thinking just now of the $43 million that President Bush spent on his inauguration, I’m right with you. I hold that that also was a great waste and should not have been done. But I’m focusing this article on a great waste that is going to take place really soon here, and that still can be prevented. And how much do you want to bet, the day after inauguration, Obama will be speeching about how much he is going to fix our economy, make jobs for the unemployed, provide health care for everyone, feed the hungry, erase poverty; yes, solve all the world’s problems! And he just wasted millions of dollars of food money, money for the same food that Time Magazine is claiming is being eaten up by new babies! No, new babies aren’t the problem; Obama’s waste is the problem! I wish the media would get this straight. That would be something worth reading. But anyway, I really feel strongly about this. If we could all share, there would be no hunger, poverty, loss of jobs; and no one would be able to claim that the way to help the environment and have more food in the world is to not have children. Poor babies! They are being blamed for our waste, especially Obama’s. God bless.

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