Illegal Abortions, Despite Easy Access To Abortion Everywhere

This horrible story comes from San Juan, Texas. A couple self-aborted their 7-month old unborn baby at home. Finding they could not flush the baby’s body down the toilet, they put the baby in a box, wrapped it with Christmas paper, and put him under the tree. Then the couple called an ambulance because the woman was still bleeding from the delivery; they said they didn’t know where the baby’s body had gone.

Do It Yourself Abortions At Home

To be honest, one of my first thoughts—beyond, this is horrible, and we wouldn’t treat a dog like that—was, are the pro-aborts going to use this story to argue that there need to be more abortion clinics. I wondered if there were no clinics near her, and that’s why she had resorted to killing the baby at home. However a quick search of the area reveals two nearby abortion clinics, one in McAllen, Texas, a mere five miles west of San Juan.

So why on earth would you kill your child at home instead of at an abortion clinic? Perhaps it was cheaper? Or perhaps we’ve just become so desensitized to the slaughter of children, that killing them at home means nothing to some people?

Planned Parenthood Staffers Caught Lying Again

Perhaps this couple bought the lie being sold by Planned Parenthood that it’s not a baby until it’s born, and that it doesn’t have a heart beat—just heart “tones”—until the 17 or 18 weeks, when the baby could survive outside the womb. In case you haven’t yet seen the new Live Action Films video in Appleton, Wisconsin, where the staff claims precisely these things in their pre-abortion counseling sessions, visit LiveAction.org to see the video footage yourself.

Empty Manger This Saturday

This Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas, the Pro-Life Action League will be hosting its 7th annual Empty Manger Christmas Caroling at the abortion mills. In Aurora, they will begin at 9am at the ACU Health Center, 736 N. York Rd., Hinsdale. In Chicago, the route will begin at 9am at Family Planning Associates at 659 W. Washington Blvd. Do not be afraid of the bubble or the pro-aborts in Chicago. Our office will be calling the police to make sure nothing happens to our group while we are there.

If you’re not in Chicago, we encourage you to go to your local abortion mill to carol as well. You can download the song sheet here[PDF]. Join us in spirit if you cannot join us in person.

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