Hatch To Propose Stupak-Style Amendment

Wednesday, December 2 the pro-aborts will host a “National Day of Action.”

Pro-Aborts Will Protest Stupak

They hope to descend upon Capitol Hill en masse to protest the Stupak Amendment and a potential similar amendment in the Senate version of the Health care bill.

The press release from the Family Planning Association states: “Real health care reform will respect the right of women to purchase private health insurance that covers comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, which would be lost if the Stupak Amendment or similar language becomes law.”

Now, we know this is an exaggeration. Women will still have the right to purchase private insurance that covers abortion if Stupak becomes a permanent part of the bill, but they will have to choose from insurance plans that the government doesn’t contribute money to. Presumably not every insurance company will join ranks with the federal government, right? And if every company is expected to become part of a massive government conglomerate, that strikes me as a separate concern . . .

Hatch Will Propose Amendment To Prohibit Funding

According to LifeNews.com, Senator Hatch plans to introduce language which mirrors the Stupak Amendment from the House.

Hatch observed that, “The House provisions, in contrast to the terribly flawed provisions in the Reid bill, contained language that would not only safeguard the rights of the unborn but also would prevent medical providers from being coerced into performing procedures that violate their conscience;” and that “the Reid language authorizes abortion in the government operated health plan (or the public option) and federal subsidies for insurance coverage that includes abortion.”

Unfortunately, there do not seem to be pro-life Democrats in the Senate, like there were in the House. Hatch told reporters it “will be much more difficult” to get support for such an amendment in the Senate.

Hodari Forcibly Aborts Girl Without Consent

The Flint Journal has published an interesting article about Hodari, the Michigan abortionist, and Caitlin Bruce, the girl suing him for forcing her to undergo an abortion she no longer consented to. According to the article, Hodari states he had already broken her water and she was bleeding before she changed her mind. Bruce, as well as one of Hodari’s employees, claim that before beginning the abortion he said, “I’m not going to do this. I’m going to send you home,” before going through with the abortion. They held her down while she screamed in order to perform the abortion, and according to the court papers, “the employee wrote that Hodari grinned as he completed the procedure.”

And according to Operation Rescue, Jennifer McCoy recently accused Hodari of doing the same thing to her in 1988. McCoy “had been taken to Hodari’s clinic at age 16 under the pretence of receiving a routine obstetrical examination. Hodari assured her that he was only examining her to determine how far along she was, when suddenly Jennifer felt the sharp pain of the abortion.”

“These two accounts are far too similar to be a coincidence,” said Newman. “Even though Hodari denies any wrongdoing, he has also made it clear that he believes abortionists have a ‘license to lie.’ We are convinced that he lied to Mrs. McCoy, he lied to Ms. Bruce, and now he’s lying about culpability in these horrific crimes. Hodari’s behavior is that of a maniac that has likely been abusing women for at least 20 years. It is time that the legal system brings his reign of terror to an end.”

Hopefully all this negative publicity is hurting Hodari’s business, because unfortunately this case is a civil one, as most are, and the punishment is only a large fine. With all the abortions Hodari has done over the years, paying this will be no problem. But perhaps if his business slows down enough he’ll decide to retire. That’s what I’ll be praying for, at least.

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