Rejoice In Healthcare Victory: Don’t Predict Defeat

Well, the Democrats got the Affordable Health Care for American Act through the House on a squeaker, but not without an amendment banning use of tax money for abortion.

Pro-Life Amendment Passes

The bill passed 220-215. Many pro-lifers are predicting that this ‘no-money for abortions’ amendment will be dropped in the Senate version, or somewhere along the line, that it won’t be adhered to, and that was just a ploy to get the pro-life vote and keep pro-lifers happy.

But the point is that for pro-life it is still a victory of sorts, whatever happens from here on in, because a whole lot of blue dog democrats refused to vote for the health care plan without it, most republicans don’t want the bill at all, but having the amendment attached is a victory for pro-life.

The House and the Pelosi gang were literally flooded with calls, e-mails, letters, protests, pickets and demands that the amendment be attached. And it was. Let’s take the victories as they occur and not always predict ultimate disaster. We believe that without the amendment the whole health plan will go down the tube. Even with the amendment it may go down the tube.

Upcoming Events

There is so much happening so fast in the pro-life movement that I have decided to talk all about it.

This Friday night at the 30th Annual Illiana Right to Life Banquet. That’s at 7 PM at the Villa De Bruno at 19825 Stony Island Avenue in Lynwood, Illinois. If you want to be there call (219) 924-8461. Ask for Don and tell them Joe sent you.

On Sunday afternoon at 3:30 I’ll be addressing the Knights of Columbus in Arlington Heights at Holy Rosary Church, 15 North Hickory Avenue. This will be a longer talk, and if you want to say a little prayer for our poor country and its crumbling government, come at 3:00 and join us in the Rosary. This will be pretty much an open forum.

And for a really educational event, attend a Sidewalk Counseling Seminar given by Ann Scheidler at St. Mary of the Angels in Chicago from noon to 3 PM. That’s at 1850 N. Hermitage. Ann will address the new pending bubble zone and what it may mean to pro-life sidewalk counseling. Click here to register. If you have a choice of the three talks, come to Ann’s.

Free The ND88 Plane

The plane that was hired to fly over Notre Dame at the Boston College Game October 24 hauling the banner, “Father Jenkins, Free the ND 88,” got rained and fogged out, so was rescheduled for last Saturday’s Navy Game. But this time, November 7, the engine was on the fritz, so no plane, no banner.

Now it’s scheduled for the Connecticut game, Saturday, November 21. Wonder if this one will be snowed out. At any rate, Fr Jenkins should free the 88 pro-lifers who stepped on campus during the Obama fiasco if he had any sense.

Ultrasound Converts Clinic Director

The effectiveness of Ultrasound in converting pro-aborts to the pro-life side is being told very graphically by a woman who worked in a Bryan, TX Planned Parenthood abortion mill and upon seeing her first use of ultrasound for abortions quit cold turkey. “That’s it,” she said. “I can’t do this anymore.”

She now prays outside the abortion mill with the local Coalition for Life.

Johnson says since she quit the abortion business, which she had been involved in for eight years, she feels pure in heart, has shed the guilt and doesn’t feel burdened anymore. “That’s how I know this was a spiritual conversion,” she says. Good.

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