Calls Needed: Stop The Healthcare Bill

Today’s hotline comes from the National Right to Life Committee. You can visit their homepage for updates on this information but this information is the most current available at this time.

Pelosi Seeks To Prevent Vote On Pro-Life Amendments

Their red alert concerns Nancy Pelosi’s decision to try to force a vote on the “healthcare” bill, HR 3962 next week—November 5 or 6. Pelosi will be using a “closed rule,” which means she can prevent discussion of things she doesn’t like. In particular, this means she does not want a debate about the Stupak and Pitts amendment which would prohibit federal funds from funding abortions.

Stupak has said he will seek to block the bill from coming for a vote. To do this, he needs the support of every Republican as wells as 39 Democrats in the House. Time will tell if he is able to garner this kind of support.

The Senate is further behind, and they will not be ready to vote on the bill for a couple of weeks. But according to the NRLC, “It is certain that the Reid bill will contain pro-abortion components, including a ‘public plan’—a health plan run directly by the federal government, which will fund elective abortions with federal funds (which are the only kind of funds that the government can spend).

Abortion Will Be Funded

The NRLC also reminds us:

Obtaining broad federal subsidies for abortion as part of “health care reform” is currently the top priority of many pro-abortion organizations, such as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). These organizations are pushing for the abortion mandates both in public statements and in less visible lobbying efforts. In April, the president of PPFA said that her organization intends to use the health care legislation as a “platform” to guarantee “access” to abortion to “all women.” Likewise, the National Abortion Federation, an association of abortion providers, said, “NAF supports health care reform as a way to increase access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion care, for all women.”

Contact Your Congressmen

Please contact your Representative and Senators to tell them you oppose this bill. Grab a pen and paper to get these numbers. The phone number for the House of Representatives Switchboard, which can connect you to any Representative, is 202-225-3121. To reach your Senators, call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121. For their direct line, click here

The USCCB is launching a massive email campaign against the bill as well, so keep your eyes open for their bulletin insert on Sunday.

And, as always, pray.

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