David Bereit Encourages Chicago Vigil

40 Days for Life is nearing its end.

David Bereit Uplifts Chicagoans

In Chicago we were fortunate enough to have David Bereit, founder of the 40 Days For Life campaign, visit our site at Family Planning Associates last Friday. His visit coincided with a prayer vigil of a group of seminarians from Mundelein Seminary—it was great to see them out there.

David spoke for a few minutes, thanking us for being out there and giving us encouragement. He had just left North Carolina that morning, where the weather was lovely and mild. He said the deathscorts there had mocked the pro-lifers, saying they were only there because the weather was nice. But the weather in Chicago was rainy and cold—yet the pro-lifers were still out there. Pro-lifers are the real deal!

Former Clinic Director Converted By 40 Days

Further inspiration was his story of the director of an abortion clinic who, not even two weeks ago, left her job. Her clinic had been the site of several 40 Days campaigns. During one of the campaigns, a prayer warrior had given her a note that said, “We’re praying for you.” She said that simple fact, knowing that we were praying for her—and that we didn’t hate her or wish to hurt her—is what finally compelled her to leave. On the night of David’s visit to us, this former clinic director went to her own clinic for the first time, to stand outside its gates and pray. God truly works miracles!

Planned Parenthood Gets Parking, Loses Victims

You may be aware of the League’s struggle with the Aurora City Council. Planned Parenthood was seeking to add parking spaces to their lot in order to meet the number of spaces they should have by law (which is the subject of a lawsuit we have filed against them). The League and the Thomas More Society sought to stop them from this increase—particularly because they claimed they needed these spaces to protect their staff members from the violent pro-lifers.

Although unfortunately the City Council did vote yesterday to give Planned Parenthood some of the spaces they wanted, God was still hard at work. Today alone the sidewalk counselors at Planned Parenthood in Aurora rescued three children and their mothers from abortion. Planned Parenthood may have gotten their parking spaces, but we got three new children who will live to proclaim the glory of God!

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