Remembering Jim Pouillon and The Babies He Died Loving

Remember the Face the Truth Tour this coming Wednesday, September 16, in the Western Suburbs, starting in Elmhurst from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at St. Charles Road and 83, moving to Westmont at Cass and Ogden from 11:30 to 1 p.m., and ending with a stop after lunch in Wheaton at Butterfield Road and Naperville Road from 3 to 4:30p.m.

Graphic Pictures Show The Graphic Truth

Yes, we will be displaying graphic pictures of aborted babies because these pictures of the victims of abortion are the most powerful tools we have for converting pro-abortion people to the pro-life cause.

We know that for a fact, having years and years of experience and having witnessed hundreds and hundreds of conversions. These authentic photographs of just exactly what the gruesome abortion surgery does to a living human baby speak volumes about the barbarism of abortion. Thousands of words that most pro-aborts won’t bother to read, and even abortion-bound couples are reluctant to take, can be summed up in a single glance at the picture of what their baby is going to look like in an hour or two, and that reality touches even some of the hardest hearts.

It’s a crying shame that even many pro-lifers are too timid or scared or embarrassed or misinformed to join us in showing the pictures, and now that Jim Pouillon of Owasso, Michigan, has been shot and killed apparently for holding a photograph of a even a live baby, more pro-lifers than ever are going to use this shooting as an excuse not to go out and hold any pictures at all, let alone a graphic photograph of an aborted baby.

But we’re not appealing “Chicken Big.” We’re appealing to the Church Militant.

We’ve had guns pulled on us, and knives thrown at us, and I’ll never forget the bucket of black paint and the swat of paint on a brush across the eyes. Boy did that sting.

But the Good Lord, whom we believe firmly has called us to this mission, has protected us lo these many years, and nobody around here has ever been hurt. So come join us. You can tell your grandchildren some day that when they were shooting pro-lifers, you were out there doing the Lord’s work, “teaching the truth about the value of every, individual human life.”

He died for us. Can’t we take a chance for him?

Remembering Jim From Michigan

About Jim Pouillon, we didn’t know him personally although he called our office a lot just to talk. He always introduced himself as Jim from Michigan. Our law office defended him after he was arrested for standing with his sign on the courthouse steps. There wasn’t any abortion mill in Owasso, and Jim couldn’t get around well with two bad legs and an oxygen tank to haul around with him, so he went mostly to public buildings and schools in Owosso to tell his story: that abortion is wrong, is evil, is murder. But from time to time he would go the abortion mill in Flint and Saginaw to pray and hold his signs.

But Jim really hated violence. That’s why he hated abortion. He told his friend, Judy Climer, president of Flint right to Life, s that God put in his heart a passion for the babies that have the right to be born and are being denied that right. He also told Judy that he would be willing to die for his belief. Judy thinks he is still saying that right now, having indeed died for his belief.

But what a contrast, at least so far, in this shooting of a pro-life activist and the shooting of Dr. George Tiller, the master baby-killer. Our phone was ringing off the wall when Tiller was shot and ever pro-life groups condemned the shooting, while all the pro-aborts were blaming it on each and every one of us.

But so far we have not had a single call from the media, and so far we haven’t heard any pro-aborts apologizing for Jim’s death. Let’s see what develops.

All we know is that a few honest polls that exist show that there is ten times more violence against pro-lifers than against the pro-aborts, but you’ll never hear about that poll unless you search real hard for it.

Nevertheless, we are right and they are dead wrong, and someday we will be happy that we went out with the pictures and confronted the pro-aborts and the uninformed public, and the pro-aborts will desperately wish they had fought against abortion instead of supporting it.

We’ll miss those occasional calls from “Jim from Michigan,” and the folks in Owasso will miss his cheery face and white beard and maybe even his pictures that tell the truth. God rest his sweet soul.

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