Let’s Protest Obama On Monday!

There’s always a silver lining, right? Well the silver lining of Obama’s election to the presidency is that we can finally picket him.

Obama To Speak At AMA Convention

We couldn’t while he was a candidate without risking another investigation by the IRS-because as a 501(c)3 we’re not allowed to endorse candidates. But now that he’s an elected official, we can shout from the rooftops how pro-abortion he really is.

We have another chance to use our “Obama = abortion” signs on Monday, June 15. We just found out yesterday that Obama will be in Chicago speaking to the American Medical Association Convention about his healthcare plan.

Unfortunately, many Americans don’t realize that Obama considers the murder of tiny babies to be healthcare. So join us as we help them make the connection.

Meet us on Monday at 10:30 am in front of the Hyatt hotel downtown. It’s at 151 E. Wacker Drive, 1 block east of Michigan Avenue. Obama is scheduled to speak at 11:15 and we’re planning to stay until noon.

40 Days For Life Returns To Chicago

Also on Monday is the kick-off meeting for this fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign. If you are a parish respect life coordinator-or if you think you can gather together a bunch of friends to help you cover a day-please join this meeting which will explain what is involved and how you can be a part of making 40 Days for Life in Chicago a success.

The meeting will be Monday at 6:30pm at St. Mary of the Angels parish. Please call 312-534-5355 to RSVP. That’s 312-534-5355.

Sotomayor’s Record

Researchers have uncovered several briefs written by a group Sonia Sotomayor was an influential member of that show a strong support for Roe v. Wade and a “right” to abortion. Like we expected, Obama would never nominate someone who didn’t share his pro-abortion agenda.

What is really bizarre, though, is that Sotomayor told Senator DeMint that she had never even thought about the rights of the unborn child. I’m really not sure how someone goes through their whole life without even considering whether unborn children deserve any legal protections.

It makes me wonder who else’s right she hasn’t thought about-the elderly, the disabled? Her record shows she’s thought about the rights of racial minorities, but beyond that, who knows?

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