Scheidler Speaking At Notre Dame Alumni Gathering

I’ll be in South Bend this weekend for meetings and talks on making Notre Dame Catholic again. I’ll have an update on Tuesday’s Action News.

Scheidler To Speak At Notre Dame

My own talk will be on how we got to the bottom of the barrel morally, and how we can climb out. In other words: how did we get so low that we now treat people like garbage, use all manner of birth control and unnatural acts against God’s commandments, destroy inconvenient life at will, degrade marriage and the family, exalt perversion, live like pigs and think we’re smart?

I’ll consider the efforts being made by the Church to fight this degeneration of man and the person, cover some of the basic encyclicals like Gaudium et Spes, Humanae Vitae, and Evangelium Vitae that have tried to give sound guidance on how to live, and I’ll take a close look at what the Pro-life movement is doing and has been doing for thirty-seven years to help bring our society back to at least a basic respect for human life.

I’ll muse over reaction to the election of the most pro-abortion President in this country’s history, Barack Obama and what a huge challenges we face with him in office, and how not only to live with this administration, but how to overcome the evil they have planned for us. What are the positive facts that give us hope and encouragement even in the face of evil, and how can we best use them to meet such frightening challenges? How do we answer the false and misleading rhetoric of the Obamaites who talk about common ground on abortion-almost as though there really were such a thing? How do we explain the vast and earth-shaking approval by students, faculty and parents at the 2009 Notre Dame graduation exercises? How explain cheers from a Catholic crowd as the suggesting that live human beings is used for their body parts to maybe help some kid with diabetes? And how do we explain welcoming this pro-abortionist into the Notre Dame family to cheers from faculty, students and parents?

I’ll discuss pro-abort scare tactics and media lies to confuse the public, address the phony feminist movement, what a Catholic University is supposed to be, why women who have abortions are turning away from this “right.”

And I’ll discuss the vast army of pro-life workers in counseling centers, out on the sidewalks, truth tours, and much more, in the little time I have. Lectures were once an hour and a half. Now they’re cut to one hour.

If you know anybody within range of Notre Dame, tell them the talk is open to the public and to come over, Saturday, June 6, from 1:30 PM until 2:30 PM in De Bartolo Hall, Room 213.

The talk is entitled: “Destroying Our Future: American is Dying Through Abortion on Demand.” My new title, which I didn’t get submitted on time, is, “Building a Culture of Life in the Obama Era.” Under either title there’s a lot to be said, and Jim Finnegan and I are going to say it.

My Encounters With Tiller

I’ve been doing quite a few interviews on George Tiller who was killed Sunday in Wichita, KS.

Way back in 1983, I got to the New Orleans airport just before midnight and there were no busses or limos into town. Waiting on the dock with me was a slight man who asked me if I would share a taxi with him into town, about 20 miles away. I said sure and off we went.

In the course of the conversation he told me he was going to the National Abortion Confederation. I said I was going there too. I didn’t tell him I was pro-life. He thought I was a fellow abortionist.

Then he proceeded to tell me all about his abortion business, his use of the real-time ultrasound machine to do abortions, and how he was trying to get other abortionists to use this device. “You can see everything before our eyes,” he said. “And you don’t leave anything behind.” He told me to visit his clinic in Wichita if I was ever out there, and to come to his conference.

The following day when I saw him in the main conference room he with was with Bill Baird, a pro-abortionist who knew me, and told Tiller who I was. I went to the convention, saw all their lethal equipment and got into Tiller’s conference. But he had me kicked me out.

Later, though, I did take a tour of his Wichita mill, together with several news camera crews. I’ve picketed Tiller’s mill and home, and I have prayed for his conversion every day since.

I only hope this abortionist who killed 70, 000 babies made a quick act of contrition before his heart stopped. He was shot in the head. “Tiller the Killer” he surely was, but I’m sorry he was shot. I wish he had been converted. He has three abortionists at his mill, but none has hospital privileges-a must to operate. So maybe his killing center will be closed for good.

But pray for his soul, that God will forgive him.

And pray that the 70,000 babies will forgive him, too.

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