Notre Dame Buses Half Full

The League is ready for our May 17th protest of Barack Obama. Have you made plans to join us yet?

Register For The Bus

Our three buses are each half full, so if you haven’t registered yet please do so right away-we don’t want any of our loyal hotline callers to miss out! The buses are leaving from three separate locations, one from our Chicago office on Cicero Avenue, one from St. Thomas More Church on the South Side of Chicago, and one from Aurora Central High School in Aurora.

To register click here, call our office with your credit card information, or send us a check specifying which bus you plan to take. The cost is $20 and includes the round trip and lunch.

If you prefer to drive yourself, we’ll be starting at 10:30am at the corner of Route 31 (Michigan Street) and Angela Boulevard. Parking is available at St. Joe’s High School.

See Ann Scheidler On NotreDameProtest.com

Also at NotreDameProtest.com is a video produced by ND Response, the coalition of pro-life student groups at Notre Dame, which prominently features our very own Ann Scheidler. She very articulately states, “Wouldn’t it be something if all the students on this campus were to rise up and say NO” to Obama? Thankfully there is a contingent of students willing to make this statement, and we will be joining them at 2pm on the 17th to pray at the grotto on campus for Obama’s conversion and the conversion of our nation.

No Greater Joy On Sale

In honor of our Mother Mary and all mothers, we are having a special sale on our video “No Greater Joy.” This educational and inspiring video really motivates you to want to go out and counsel; it gives tips on what to say and what to do. If you don’t have a copy yet, I urge you to purchase one.

The video (available in VHS or DVD) is now only $10. The training packet, which comes with a “how to” guide, several sample pieces of literature, and a fetal model, in addition to your DVD or VHS is only $15. Go online to the PLAL Store or call our office to order your copy today!

The Thrill Of The Chaste

I’ve just finished another book, this one is called The Thrill of the Chaste and is by Dawn Eden. Dawn is remarkably candid about her life before Christ-when she had numerous one-night stands and a giant hole in her heart that just couldn’t be filled by casual sex, no matter how hard she tried.

She explains the emptiness that results from trying to fill our lives with the meaningless sex our world tells us we need in order to be fulfilled. Her book has its roots in John Paul II’s theology of the body. If you know any single people who need encouragement in living a life of chastity-and praying for the future spouse they have yet to meet-this would make a great gift!

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