Join Us On The Bus To Notre Dame

May is going to be a busy month!

Missionaries Protest ACOG

First, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ convention will be in Chicago May 3 through 5. Missionaries to the Preborn will be there picketing this pro-abortion organization with their new trucks. These feature the ACOG logo, a woman holding a baby in the air, with an abortionist stabbing the baby in the back. Wow.

If you would like more information on their protest, visit their website.

Picket NARAL With US

Another upcoming event is NARAL’s very expensive, several-hundred-dollars-a-plate luncheon on Thursday, May 7 in downtown Chicago. Naturally we’ll be there to show them what their money funds: killing babies. Join us from 10:30 to noon. We’re meeting at the Southeast corner of Columbus and Wacker Drive.

Announcing Our Schedule For The Notre Dame Protest

And, finally: Plans for our May 17th Notre Dame protest are firmed up enough that we’d like to let you know what we have planned. You can view all of this information at our website dedicated specifically to this purpose: NotreDameProtest.com

We will begin with a Truth Tour, using our graphic abortion signs, as well as signs that say “Obama = Abortion,” “Shame on Notre Dame,” and “Stop Abortion Now.” We’ll be standing along Michigan Street, just north of Angela Boulevard from 10:30 Eastern Time until about 1pm. St. Joseph’s High School (which is right at that intersection) has given us permission to use their parking lot. We’ll take a break for lunch (which is not provided, unless you take the bus with us), then we hope to join the students on campus for their prayer vigil-though we’re still awaiting details from them.

If you would like to take a bus to South Bend, we will be bringing buses from three different locations. One will leave from our office at 6160 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago. A second will leave from St. Thomas More Church, 2825 W 81st St, Chicago. These will both leave at 7am. A third bus will leave from Aurora Central HS, 1255 N Edgelawn Dr, Aurora at 6:30am.

The cost is $20 and includes lunch. You can register online, you can call our office (we’re here from 9 to 5) at 773-777-2900, or you can send us a check with a notation indicating which bus you plan to take. Unfortunately this fee is non-refundable, so if you find yourself unable to make it, please find someone to replace you.

Also, a number of people have asked us already, so I’d like to clarify: our protest will be separate from the protests led by Randall Terry, which he says will be closer to the actual entrance of Notre Dame. Our protest will be in compliance with Bishop D’Arcy’s request to avoid “unseemly and unhelpful demonstrations.”

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