Plan B: Not Good For Anyone But Profiteers

Sorry Ann didn’t make it on Fox News at 9:00 p.m. last Wednesday as anticipated. I heard the interview in our League parking lot as it was being filmed, and it was good.

League Talks About Plan B With Fox and NBC TV Stations

She pointed out that 17-year-old girls should behave themselves, should not be using abortifacient drugs, and at the very least should consider that that Plan B is not only NOT a medication to help heal anything, but a real and serious danger to a young person’s health, can cause cancer and if nothing else, give one a false sense of “security” that may lead to more teenage sex, with all its heartbreak and diseases.

She said that the seventeen-year-old permit is probably just a temporary cut-off date, and will get lower and lower as time goes by. She added that so mainly parents have themselves become so permissive they don’t know how-or even why-to teach their children to practice self-control, and have a little dignity and self-respect.

She made it clear that lowering of the age for buying the pill over the counter is not good for anyone but the profiteers who will make more money selling the pill to younger and younger children.

She said other good things, and of course Fox News Chicago couldn’t have used it all, but maybe a line or two? The young reporter doing the interview seemed impressed with Ann’s answers. I was.

But on the ten o’clock channel 5 NBC news, our girl Friday, Corrina Gura got to say a few things about the new lower age limit for getting the lethal drug, and compared taking Plan B to a drunk driver making sure he has his seatbelt on.

Notre Dame Heats Up And Rumors Abound

The Notre Dame thing is getting hotter and hotter. Rumors are flying, such as the one earlier in the week that Fr. Jenkins and Barack Obama were supposed to have had a secret meeting in Washington. Stories are out that at least a thousand students signed a petition supporting Fr. Jenkins’ decision to have Obama as commencement speaker and get an honorary Law Degree. Various committees and faculty groups and “fellows” are meeting behind closed doors to discuss plans for handling the controversy. Etc.

All we know for sure is that the League is having two large billboards put up on the Indiana Toll road Monday, one facing east and one facing west of the Notre Dame exit, that they ask “How DARE Notre Dame honor pro-abortion Obama;” that we’ll have three buses taking Chicago area protesters down to Notre Dame on May 17 to hold a hundred graphic signs and other placards, that many other pro-life groups are going there with hand signs and truck signs and possibly even an airplane pulling a graphic picture of an aborted baby. It promises to be an eventful day.

But what we see coming out of this decision by Fr. Jenkins to have Obama at the graduation is a melding of Obama and the contentious issue of abortion in a bond so tight that it will not be forgotten or overlooked-and could help us get some votes in 2012 that went for Obama in 2008, because good people hadn’t made his abortion connection.

Meantime, our job is to do lots of education on the horror of abortion and how it is corrupting our nation. And one of these days there will undoubtedly be a demand that the president’s chair at Notre Dame be vacated by Fr. Jenkins and that someone with a better understanding of Catholic teachings take his place. That will be something to look forward to.

Rest In Peace, Dear Christi

Now say a prayer for my son Joe’s fiancĂ© who died of cancer Saturday night and was buried Thursday, leaving a little four-year old daughter, a very sad family and many, many sad friends. Christi Loewe, 37, was one of the most Christ-like human beings I have ever known, and even a grouchy old curmudgeon like me will miss her terribly. Say a prayer for my son Joe, too.

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