Bishop Paprocki Takes The Tribune To Task

I’d like to commend Bishop Paprocki, an auxiliary bishop of Chicago, for his excellent letter in the April 14th issue of the Chicago Tribune. He begins, “The Chicago Tribune became known for its anti-Catholic bias when it frequently ran xenophobic editorials that criticized foreigners and Roman Catholics as long ago as 1853. Apparently not much has changed.”

He goes on to cite several recent examples of their bias: an editorial criticizing Cardinal George “for upholding church teaching,” another urging Notre Dame to continue to defy bishops, one by dissenting Catholic William Daley on Notre Dame’s commencement, and another that showcases Catholics who have used in-vitro fertilization contrary to Church teachings.

He concludes, “I don’t recall the Chicago Tribune ever running such stories and editorials against any other church or religion, let alone with such frequency or invective, so I can only conclude that the know-nothing views of the Chicago Tribune have not changed. I am reminded, however, of Jesus’ words as [H]e was crucified, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.'”

Wow! If that doesn’t make you proud to be Catholic, nothing will!

Prayers for Baby Kaylee

Please pray for baby Kaylee Wallace of Toronto, Canada. Two month old baby Kaylee suffers from Joubert Syndrome, which is basically sleep apnea-when she sleeps, she needs to be on a ventilator to help keep her breathing. This is a disorder that often even fixes itself as the child ages.

Unfortunately, Kaylee’s parents have become convinced that her quality of life is not enough to bother keeping her alive. They would rather she die, so they can give her heart to another child in need of an organ transplant.

After Kaylee survived the removal of her respirator the first time-by refusing to fall asleep and die-her father asked doctors to try to remove the respirator again, saying “If she’s going to die, we got to keep trying.”

According to LifeSiteNews, he says he’s “torn between wanting to bring home his daughter to live a healthy life, and, barring that possibility, of ensuring that his daughter’s heart goes to someone else.” And, “If the public does not understand that our daughter is very sick and has a likelihood of passing away, and we want to save another child if we 100 per cent can’t save our own, then they are lost and they need to rethink their own lives.”

They have refused to withhold nutrition from Kaylee, however-probably because if you starve a person to death, you can’t then harvest their organs. But, shhh, don’t tell-I’m sure the father thought he was being very noble.

Excellent Book: Victims And Victors

I’m nearly finished reading the book “Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting From Sexual Assault,” edited by David Reardon, Julie Makimaa, and Amy Sobie. Although “Victims and Victors” was published in 2000, I’ve only just discovered it.

Anyone who has ever had trouble articulating their pro-life beliefs in cases of rape and incest ought to read this book. These victimized women tell their stories and share how abortion is wrong, particularly for women in their situations.

In fact, a woman called our office not too long ago to specifically thank us for holding firmly to our belief that all life is precious. She had been raped and hated that these abused women were always used by the pro-abortionists as examples of women who needed abortion-without ever actually asking the women what they thought! This book does just that, it asks the women. And the answer is a resounding NO-they do not want abortion, even in the hard cases. And neither should any good pro-lifer.

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