Call Your Illinois State Representative Right Now!

Illinois House Bill 2354, the Reproductive Health and Access Act (RHAA), nicknamed the Illinois FOCA will be coming before the House Human Services Committee tomorrow morning, March 4 at 8 a.m.! If you live in Illinois, you need to call your representative and make sure that he or she knows to vote against this bill when it comes before them!

To find your state representative, click here. In particular, if your representative is on the Human Services Committee you absolutely need to call them as soon as you finish hearing this message! Committee members are: Naomi Jakobsson, Constance Howard, Patricia Bellock, Sandy Cole, Annazette Collins, Mary Flowers, and Timothy Schmitz. Please call these and tell them RHAA is bad for Illinois!

Some points to remember about RHAA:

1. It would overturn the state ban on Partial Birth Abortion, and-if Roe v. Wade were to ever be overturned-would ensure abortion on demand remained legal in Illinois.

2. It would eliminate conscience rights of medical workers, forcing them to cooperate in abortions and provide abortifacient contraceptives, despite their moral beliefs.

3. It would ban abstinence education in Illinois public schools and force children to learn so-called “comprehensive sex education” (See what PP thinks “good” sex ed is here)

Serendipitously, tomorrow is also Catholics at the Capitol, an event sponsored by the Catholic Conference of Illinois. It’s a chance for Catholics to ask their representatives to support the Catholic principles of a large number of their constituents when they vote.

If you’re in the Springfield area-or are willing to make the drive-meet at 10:00 am in the Hall of Flags at the Howlett Building, 501 South 2nd St. If you have questions or concerns, contact the Catholic Conference at 312-368-1066 or 217-528-9200.

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