Ridiculous Remarks at Prayer Breakfast

We can’t help but wonder how Dour Kmiec and those millions of Obama supporters are feeling now that The Big O has wiped out the Mexico City Policy and started our tax dollars flowing into abortion mills all over the world.

Ridiculous Remarks At Prayer Breakfast

Their man was going to find a way to make abortion rare through various policies and programs that were much better than anything the Republicans had done. So what does he do his second day in office? Rev up the old abortion machine and commence the killing worldwide-with Kmiec tax dollars and yours-and mine.

Meanwhile, this past week at a prayer breakfast in DC he had the gall to say this: “There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being. This much we know.” But what Obama doesn’t want to know-even though every medical textbook in the world will tell him the fact that a new human life begins at the moment the mother’s egg is fertilized by the father’s sperm-is that he is himself condoning the taking of the life of innocent human beings every time he condones an abortion.

It means nothing to Barack that when an abortion bill was being considered in Missouri some years ago, eighteen medical text books were opened to that part on the beginnings of new life and each one attested to the fact that a new life can begin at no time but conception. You would think a lawyer of all people would read this stuff, even if knowing these facts is above his pay grade.

No one is so blind as he who will not see. Look, Barack, look, and you might see what we see!

FOCA Will Wipe Out Hundreds Of State Laws

I’ve been looking over the consequences of the Freedom of Choice Act, that everyone is talking about. Here is what a signing of that bill in its present state would do: wipe out the Born-Alive Infant Protection act in 28 states, eliminate parental involvement in 43 states, wipe out 62 laws safeguarding the right of conscience that permitting doctors to opt out of doing abortions, eliminate 35 state laws requiring informed consent before an abortion, nullify 29 state laws disallowing state funds to pay for abortions, remove bans on state Medicaid abortion funding in 37 states, eliminate abortion clinic regulations in 33 states, wipe out a requirement to have a second doctor present at a late term abortion in nine states, eliminate a requirement that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges in a dozen states, and to put it all in a nut shell, an Obama signature on FOCA would nullify in one fell swoop, 588 State Laws regulating abortion and possibly three Constitutional Amendments that have stopped insurance and Medicaid coverage of abortions.

Some people much smarter than I am don’t think Obama will have to sign a FOCA bill as such. The pro-aborts in Congress won’t be so dumb as to pass it in one piece, but will patch it onto other bills as amendments, or work it into health bills in ambiguous language or however they think they can get it through.

If You Voted For Obama Go To Confession

Meanwhile, we are proud of the good priest in South Carolina we heard about who told his congregation that those who voted for Obama must go to confession before they can receive Holy Communion. I want to meet that man. If I were a priest I’d do the same.

Meanwhile, pray for Obama. He may still have a piece of conscience left and even enough sense to know that he is in big trouble when it comes to Abortion. Big trouble.

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