Despite Obama, We Know The Battle Has Already Been Won

I have been spending so much of my time cheering up pro-lifers who are in the depths over the election of pro-abortion Barack Obama that I have almost become depressed myself. But I refuse to let myself get down because we have the most liberal, pro-abortion man in the White House in our history.

Obama Can’t Get Away With Anti-Life Measures

Obama is going to have a miserable term as president. He is too smart to think he can get away with extending the killing of children without it tormenting his conscience, and arousing millions of pro-lifers who will haunt his every pro-abortion ruling. He will make big mistakes in every area of activity, partly because he has surrounded himself with pragmatists, egotists and people with confused values.

Already his appointments are in trouble. Tom Daschle’s forced resignation is a point in fact-with more to follow. His being forced to drop funding for contraception in a recent economic bill is another failure to please the ladies: just one scare from the right and he dropped Family Planning. The massive turnout of cards and letters and phone calls and e-mails prompted by the Catholic Bishops, telling him to leave the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) in the hopper, is certain to have an effect on his decision to bring that lethal program up, at least as it now stands.

Obama needs friends, not a fifty percent drop in his approval rating. No, folks, scary as Obama and his Bar Scene from Star Wars cabinet and staffers may be, they lack the necessary grace and clear minds to conduct an effective government.

The Media Will Pounce Soon Enough

And the secular media, who conducted his campaign from beginning to end, have no loyalties. They will give him a few weeks, maybe a couple of months even, of a kind of honeymoon, and then they will pounce on him for every mistake he makes. The media have no loyalties except to the newspaper or magazine or network they are currently being paid by. They are in the business of selling their stories, and that requires abandoning their favorite politician or star or businessman or organization or whatever, off they go on the attack. Just watch. We know few journalists who won’t abandon their best friend for a by-line on page one.

We wouldn’t be in Obama’s shoes for anything in the world, and he will soon wish he had stayed in Chicago organizing communities.

Obama’s Election Will Help Defeat Abortion

We have said often that God writes straight with crooked lines and we believe the Obama accession to the presidency is a crooked line that will ultimately help to bring about defeat of abortion in this country. There is new strength in the pro-life movement. There is greater resolve, and once people get over being discouraged there is a new enthusiasm.

We see it at our office, from the phone calls and letters and e-mails and Facebook and blogs. We see it in the many calls to our office from newly anointed pro lifers wanting to offer their services, people calling to do face the truth tours, inviting us to give seminars on sidewalk counseling, wanting to go to the mills in prayer groups, pass out literature, buy copies of our handbook, even run for office.

Meanwhile, that flock of strange politicians Obama has surrounded himself with will turn out to be his downfall. So cheer up. God’s truth is still marching on, and our eyes have seen the coming of the glory of the Lord.

New York Crisis Pregnancy Centers Face

But the battle rages, as mindless legislators in New York try to outlaw Crisis Pregnancy Centers, with a law called Access To Reproductive Health Care Facilities Act that makes almost any presence at or near a killing center a crime. And the mill personnel can get a pro-lifer arrested at will, without even any complaint from an abortion bound client. They can just tell the police that the pro-lifers were unruly.

But we believe Chris Slattery will win this one as he has all the others in the past. One smart pro-lifer is worth a hundred deceptive pro-aborts.

The Battle Has Already Been Won

It will be a fight all the way, a tough fight, but pro-lifers are gaining strength and have prayer as their most powerful support-a mighty weapon the pro-aborts totally lack. How can abortionists pray, and who would they pray to? Satan has already been defeated so they have nobody and we have Almighty God. As a local journalist once wrote in a sarcastic but accurate column, “…it isn’t even a fair fight.”

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