Eric Scheidler Shares the Pro-Life Message

Eric Scheidler receives the Caritas Award from Project Love

Eric Scheidler receives the Caritas Award from Mary Bliss of Project Love

Spring 2009 has afforded Pro-Life Action League Communications Director Eric Scheidler many opportunities to share the pro-life message and generate excitement about the League’s new pro-life handbook dedicated to that mission.

On February 12—Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday—Eric gave the keynote address at the Illinois Valley Citizens for Life annual banquet at the Pitstick Pavilion in Ottawa, Ilinois. Eric drew on Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address to highlight the urgent need for individual sacrifice for the pro-life cause. Eric and his son Nate, who accompanied him on the trip, gave away a hundred copies of Sharing the Pro-Life Message to banquet attendees.

On March 19, Eric spoke on the theology of the body as revealed within the family as part of the Lenten retreat at St. Catherine of Genoa parish in Genoa, Illinois. Eric explained how each of his eight children revealed something special and new about the mystery of God’s love and his purpose for our lives. His wife April joined him for the talk.

Eric Honored with Caritas Award

Eric and his family, including his father Joe, were the guests of Project Love on March 29 at the Naperville Country Club in Naperville, IL. Mary Bliss of Project Love, an outreach of Illinois Citizens for Life, honored Eric with their Caritas Award, a print of a beautiful drawing of mother and child by artist Fr. Anthony Brankin. Eric spoke about the many ways that the pro-life movement is succeeding in 2009.

On April 21, Eric drove with his son Sam to the St. Robert Bellarmine Newman Center at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois to deliver his new “Sharing the Pro-Life Message” talk, designed to accompany the League’s new handbook of the same name. A great crowd of over fifty students attended the talk, Eric’s second at ISU in the past year.

Eric and his wife April were the guests of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy on their Priest Appreciation Day at the Clock Tower Resort in Rockford, Illinois May 1. Eric gave a keynote address highlighting the special gifts that Catholics bring to the pro-life movement.

Finally, on May 7, Eric spoke on a pro-life panel at the Legatus Pro-Life Conference at the Washington Hyatt in Washington D.C. Eric explained the mission and significance of the activist wing of the pro-life movement, and gave copies of Sharing the Pro-Life Message to the elite group of attendees.

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