You Gotta Hear This One on Pro-Life Politics!

Hi again, everybody! Very sorry about my long absence from this blog. I’m leading two 40 Days for Life Campaigns over here, and whew! I’ve been busy! But it has all been a TOTALLY AWESOME experience, and I’m really happy about it all! So wonderful! I’m getting the hands-on leadership experience that I so much wanted, and I’m learning a very lot of things very fast. I need to be sure and post some of my 40 Days for Life experiences on this blog. But for now, I’ve got to tell you all another whopper story about pro-life politics that I’m getting myself into! My last post on this subject was pretty cool, but wait till you hear this one! Okay, so after my experience (which I posted here) with talking to the Democrats at my local fair and asking them some great questions, I was eager for another chance to do the same things again at a different fair! So when my little brother had a birthday this September, and wanted to celebrate it by going to the Puyallup Fair, I was of course thrilled. Now I could have my second chance! Now I could have a turn at talking with Seattle Democrats! This talking to experienced, trained Democrats really tunes me in. I learn a ton really fast about how they think and what they say, and I am able to practice discussing the issues in a high-stress, highly-trained, high-speed environment. Good stuff! I come away from these with a lot And I find that, after talking with these people, I find it very easy to discuss the issues with people who are untrained in twisting everything around and up and down. Even college campuses are easy after talking to Seattle Democrats! Okay, but let me get on with my story here. I’m getting off track. So we all went to the Puyallup Fair. All of us kids were having a ball riding on twisters, spinners, roller coasters, and such. There was so much to see and experience. It was all very great, and after a while we decided that it would be a good idea for all of us to take a break from rides and just walk around and see different things. Yey! There was my chance to challenge the Democrat booth! So off I went. Looking for that booth. Up one isle, down the next. Where was it? As I walked, I of course prepared myself. I made resolutions to stay calm, charitable, polite. I was just going to ask these people if they were comfortable supporting Barack Obama, being that he supports abortion so much. Well, then I began to not quite feel like doing this after all. There were so many much funner things to be doing at the fair; why not just forget this whole idea of talking to Democrats about Obama’s radical support for abortion? And besides, would it really be that effective? But again I reminded myself of these two things: first, I knew that I really did want to ask these people about how they were comfortable supporting this man; and second, I new that we all have to do what we can to help end abortion. And if everyone would go to the Democrat booth at their local fair and ask them if they are comfortable supporting pro-abortion politicians, guess what, those politicians would never make it to office! So I was going to do my part. I really wanted to. I just had to get started. Finally, I found the Democrat booth! Lots of Obama signs, stickers, pins, and such lined the booth, and there was no mistaking that I was at the right place. There were two people manning it, a woman about in her fifties, and a man probably a little older. They looked like reasonable people. So I approached the woman and politely asked her, “Are you comfortable with Obama supporting Roe v. Wade?” Whoa! She immediately became angry and aggressive, and said something to this effect: “Yes, I’m comfortable with that, and I totally support it, and I’d never tell a woman that she cannot make that decision if she needs to!” I was surprised at her vehemence. She then began to talk about all kinds of stuff on this issue, all very fast, and not giving me a chance to say too much. I listened to her, and said what I could, keeping calm and polite. Then some passersby stopped in and came into our discussion, eventually taking the woman’s place. We had a good discussion about many different issues surrounding abortion, and the guy who was doing the main talking was respectful and actually quite cordial. I could tell that he really wanted to talk about these things, and I was glad to talk to him, so we kept at it for a while. He used to be pro-life, but had since switched sides. He still was very much in support of reducing abortion, but just did not want it made illegal. He said some strange things, like “God gave us the Commandments to interpret them as we need”. I was able to tell him some really good things that actually threw him off now and then. I just constantly kept my focus and calm, and despite his best efforts to tangle me up in all these strange and erroneous ways of thinking, he got nowhere, and I’m sure that he did learn some things himself. I really do hope that I could help him, and I do appreciate his time and eagerness to discuss these things. At the same time that I was talking to him, there was also another lady who joined us, but I had to work harder with her because she did not believe in life at conception. So I talked for some time with these two people, and then they moved on. Next, this guy in the booth says to me, “So you have to bring the abortion debate in here, do you?” I felt like growling at him, but instead I just politely answered that yes, I was bringing it in here because Obama support abortion, and we need to talk about it. So then he and the women with him began to talk about how desperately afraid of Sarah Palin they were! And to mention all the petty faults that the media has been broadcasting recently about her! It sounded really ridiculous, and again I was unable to say much because of how fast and much they were talking, so I listened and spoke when I was able. Then that ended, and, finally, I was free to approach again the women who was manning the booth and with whom I had first spoken. Because I wanted to ask her one last question. I wanted to ask her how I, being 19 and thus born after Roe v. Wade, could trust Obama who supports Roe v. Wade and thus tells me that he would not mind if I would have been aborted! This is a super awesome question for these Democrats; they hate to have to answer it, but they have to. So one of the first things that this lady does, when I ask her this, is throw up her arms and say, “I don’t know!” Wow! I was surprised with this kind of victory! But then she started talking again really fast about all kinds of things, and I just had to keep coming back and asking for an answer to that question! Then she outright told me, “I would much rather have you been aborted, then have your mother die and you not be aborted!” Whoa! I just stood there and asked, “You said you’d rather have me been aborted?” She didn’t want to answer, and just kept going on and on about all this stuff, half of what I cannot even remember. She was really angry and vehement, and I actually felt sorry for her. It looked like she had had some kind of previous experience with abortion. Otherwise she could not have been so angry! I remained calm and polite and respectful, and just kept asking that same question over and over. I was relentless in insisting that if she could stand in that booth and support Obama, she needed to answer my question. At one point she told me, “If you would have been inside your mother, and would have had this and that and this deformity, I would want you to have been aborted!” I was amazed at the near hate with which she talked about some unborn babies, and was appalled at her anger and aggressiveness in the whole conversation. I was also very surprised at this conduct from someone who was supposed to be professional and helpful. Then she began to say things like, “If you would have happened to have been aborted, you would’nt even be standing here asking about Obama, and you would’nt even know that he did support abortion, so what does it matter?” But I still wanted to know how Obama could ask for my vote and tell me that he supports Roe v. Wade, which could legally have killed me. And then she said, “Then don’t vote for Obama! He does not want you! Don’t vote for him!” So I said, “But I thought he’s asking for my vote”. She replied, “No, he dosen’t want you; you don’t agree with him!” I think that she was desperately trying to get me to leave the booth. She was the end of her rope. And I think that my calm and politeness was unnerving her terribly! She could not make me lose it, and could not get anywhere with me; I just wanted her to answer my question. At one point in the conversation, she actually took hold of both my shoulders and said, “I want to ask you to leave, to leave this booth right now, because you don’t know this issue, and I don’t want to talk about it in here!” Wow! Things were getting really interesting really fast! I stuck it out a little longer, and we continued talking about some things. I just constantly kept calm and polite and did not insult her in any way. I always try to keep the Christian attitude, and this always has a wonderful affect. Then, finally, the lady put her arm around my shoulder and just lead me out of the booth. She said she did not want to talk of these things anymore in the booth. I thanked her for her time, and, this is one of the best parts: just before leaving, she said to me, “Oh, and I’m glad you weren’t aborted!” Wow! All I could think, when I left there, was, “Wow!” I had just never had an experience like it. When I told my family, they said it was the best story they had ever heard! What do you think? God bless.

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