Why activism?

Activism is more important than ever in our new political climate. Local prayer warrior Linda Dudley recently shared with us her reflections on her experience as an activist and I thought I’d share them with you:

Pro-lifers march and pray at the 2nd annual Jericho MarchLast night Walter and I were at the Planned Parenthood Clinic from midnight to 1:30 am. Other First Pres sisters and brothers followed hour by hour, as, together, we filled “our” day in the 40 Day Vigil. The night was quiet, warm, and dark enough for us to enjoy the quarter moon in the sky. Candles were lit along the sidewalk, flickering as the stars were doing above. The night time hour might lead you to believe we were alone, as most everyone we know would have been home, fast asleep. But a number of cars and trucks drove past softly; a young couple, holding hands and laughing headed along the road toward Walgreen’s; at 1:00 a young person walked his dog. Most paid little attention to the small group of “Radicals” or “Extremists” standing along the sidewalk in the middle of the night. It was peaceful, silent, and profound. It occurs to me that I would like to explain WHY I am standing here. Why do I come to pray outside of the clinic? Why do I carry a sign at least once a month with a picture of my grandson? After all, as one man called out to us, “Why are you doing this? You have already lost the fight!” The challenge of praying for an hour used to make me uncomfortable. What would I say to God for that long? God already knows I don’t want abortions to happen here. It is also true that it might seem we have lost this round of the battle. What will people think of me? And What Good Does It Do? Simply this: our presence at the clinic is to affirm God’s love of EACH person before and after birth. We affirm God’s love of the unborn; we affirm God’s love of the preborn, the young and the old. When I stand at the entrance of the clinic and watch clients enter the building, (I am not brave enough yet to counsel.) When I gather with others who care with such passion; when we smile at each other on a bitter cold day; when we rejoice at the news that a mind has been changed and a baby saved; when I hold my Bible and read through the Psalms; it is not because I expect to “win” a battle or somehow convince you to join us. It is not because I expect the Planned Parenthood walls to come tumbling down before my eyes. We are standing as a testimony to God in a busy and confused world. We are standing witness against a self centered life style and self absorbed world view. That way of life is manifested in so many ways, several of which are personified in much of what Planned Parenthood espouses. So we stand with Bible in hand, protestant and Catholic Christians, not for political power or personal gain. “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8) What is justice? Justice is speaking for those who have no voice. What is kindness? Kindness is loving those whom you do not know. How do we walk humbly with our God? We stand where He puts us. Linda

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