Wednesday Open Thread: Teens and Sex Makes Front-Page News

Aurora Beacon -- March 12, 2008Today’s Aurora Beacon featured an article, on the front page, titled “Diseases blossom with teen sexuality, with the sub-title of “1 in 4 teen GIRLS NOW has an STD”. The article points out that 1 in 4 teenage girls nationwide currently has an STD. Noreen Transier or the Kendall County Health Department is quoted in the article as saying “There are more kids having sex.” More kids having sex is probably not news, but the statistic that 1 in 4 girls currently have an STD should be alarming. Apparently, something is not working when STDs are spreading to 25% of our teenage females. (The article did not mention any statistics about teenage boys for some reason.) Kai Tao of Planned Parenthood is featured in the article:

“This misconception and the study itself indicate that adolescents are not getting the right information, according to Kai Tao, associate medical director of Planned Parenthood of Illinois.”

“Not getting the right information”? What does that mean? What is the “right information” and who is going to get it to them? The implication here is that Planned Parenthood has the “right information” and that Planned Parenthood is the right organization to provide it to them. Does Planned Parenthood provide true and accurate information? Do they tell teens that most STDs are incurable, and that they will have it for LIFE? Do they tell them that the more sexual partners they have the higher the risk of getting and STD? Do they tell them that condoms DO NOT 100% prevent STDs?

Transier stressed that teens need to be honest when they become sexually active and get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Getting tested for STDs is all well and good, but what about prevention? Nowhere in the article is any mention of prevention, nor the best prevention and taboo word – abstinence! Planned Parenthood does not believe in abstinence . If they were really interested in curbing the spread of STDs, they would embrace abstinence as the primary method of prevention. Instead, they say, “well, teens are going to be sexually active”. Well, I say that teens will rise to the level of expectations we have for them. Lower the expectations and lower that which they will rise up to meet. Teens deserve better than this. And we, the Aurora Beacon readers deserve better. How about some articles about STDs and the how to prevent them? How about articles about the cures, or lack there of, for STDs? How about not setting up Aurora for Planned Parenthood’s “comprehensive sex education” agenda? What do you think about this Aurora Beacon article? What would you say to the Aurora Beacon? Browsing the web, I found some other articles about the same subject:

You may be interested in comparing these articles with the Beacon article. God Bless, Roger P.S. Maybe you might want to let the Beacon know your thoughts through a letter to the editor or the call in line.

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