Wednesday Open Thread: Illinois HB5615

Are they “nuts”? The Reproductive Justice and Access Act nears the height of insanity. The bill states “that every individual possesses a fundamental right of privacy with respect to reproductive decisions”, yet for “pregnancy terminations”, that same individual does not have a right to hold her “medical professional”, aka the abortionist, responsible for any harm done during the abortion. In Section 25, “Pregnancy terminations”, it states: “a qualified medical professional is not liable for civil damages or subject to criminal penalty relating to a pregnancy termination performed in good faith”. Section 15, “Prohibition of interference and retaliation” states that the State or any governmental agency shall not “(3) deny or interfere with a pregnant woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy: (i) prior to the viability of the fetus or (ii) when the abortion is necessary to protect the life or health of the pregnant woman”. Why didn’t they just say “… right to terminate a pregnancy anytime” instead of attempting to limit the scope? Historically, the “health” necessity means anytime. Section 30. “Sexual health education.” “All Illinois public schools shall offer medically accurate, age appropriate, comprehensive sexual health education.” All Illinois public schools must include grade schools too? Doesn’t it? How does one offer “medically accurate” and “comprehensive” sex education to a 1st grader? To a 6th grader? Remember, not all “public schools” are for older children. And WHO is going to provide this “comprehensive sexual health education”? What are their values and morals? Perhaps it is groups like Planned Parenthood? Actually, doesn’t most of this bill sound like it was forged from the offices of Planned Parenthood? Let’s see … (1) no limits to abortion, (2) no law suits against abortion providers, (3) comprehensive sex ed? Who would benefit the most from this bill? It’s certainly not the “woman” they are touting. Just to drive the point home … Section 10. “Definitions” ensures that medical treatments that could possibly HELP a woman with giving birth are explicitly excluded.

“Pregnancy termination” or “termination of pregnancy” means any medical treatment intended to terminate a pregnancy. Pregnancy termination shall not include medical treatment conducted for the purpose of increasing the probability of the birth of a sustainable life.

Why is this extra clarification needed? It’s called “Pregnancy termination”. Could it be so because Planned Parenthood does not deliver babies or offer any prenatal care? The Aurora Beacon News reported in their article Abortion bill creates new standoff in Legislature, “[t]he bill’s supporters call it a work in progress that won’t necessarily advance this year”. And while this may hopefully be so, it gives you an I a clearer insight into the minds and agenda of those that call themselves “pro-choice”. Or is this just an insight into the minds and agenda’s of businesses like Planned Parenthood? God Bless, Roger

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