Troubling Times

I think that we’re all now really concerned about this year’s presidential elections! Of course they haven’t happened yet, so we can still have lots of hope. But what is frustrating me so much is the apparent easy acceptance of the American people for Barack Obama. He is the most liberal presidential candidate ever to run this race in U.S. history, but yet America seems to be fast falling for him, without much problem at all. What’s going on?! I believe in America and in the goodness of the hearts of her people. So where have they all gone? Are they just desperate and blinded by the economy problems, healthcare, and the war? Or do they all just plain want Obama and his wicked ideas in the White House? All very weird. And do we all think that God will continue to bless America if we elect this man President? It has also been extremely disappointing for me to see all the Catholics who adamently support Barack Obama. Are they just plain ignorant, or do they know what they are doing? And to hear about what some priests are telling their people about the presidential candidates! I would not know that these priests are in fact Catholic priests! I think that the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church have had a huge responsibility involving this year’s elections. And I believe that the huge number of Catholics voting for Obama is due to the failing of the priests and bishops to fulfil their duties. Again and again I realize how much I cannot understand how priests and bishops could be is a position to be able to do so much good for the Church, and not do it! This is beyond me. I will never understand. I’m hoping that all the 179 wonderful cities across America, participating in 40 Days for Life, will greatly affect the elections with all the prayer, fasting, and good works that they are doing! God bless.

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