They’re Asking Too Much.

Once again, election year is upon us, already! Once again, we’re eagerly watching the presidential candidates and giving our favor to one or another. And once again, this year’s election will be very important to the future of our country. What are the thoughts of us young people as we watch the presidential candidates in their efforts to win the presidency? Many young people are looking for a person truly fit to lead America, a person in whom they can put their trust for a secure and happy future, a person who will value each and every one of them who are America’s future. I too am looking for such a person to be our next president. Two Senators who are currently hoping for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, have often promised wonderful things to America and to her young people: education for every child, an end to the war in Iraq, a better economy, preservation of America’s energy, and the list goes on. So shouldn’t they have the support of us young people? It would seem that they should by how they talk, but if you look at their Senate voting records, you would see that they in fact MUST NOT have your vote! Why? What horrific reality about the way they voted in the Senate makes them so completely undeserving of your vote? This is it: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support abortion, the #1 KILLER of our generation! How can we trust them?! At this point, if you’re a young person, aren’t you feeling personally very insulted? Just think, Obama and Clinton have said that they would not be at all concerned if you would have been killed when you were a little baby! When you needed their support the most. When you needed protection and a voice the most. When you needed them to stand up for your inalienable rights the most, because you were defenseless. If that is the best that they could give you, as your representatives, when you needed their protection and support so much, when you needed their representation the most, how are they qualified to be your leader now? How much will they care about you now? Did they ever care about you in the first place? Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are asking for the votes of all of us young people, us who they said could be killed, and it would not matter to them. They want us to support them now and trust their leadership and judgement after having failed us as much as they could in their positions. Aren’t they asking a little too much out of us? We’re used to people expecting a lot out of us, expecting great things from us, having high hopes for us. But since when can someone expect us to trust him/her after they’ve placed no value on our lives? That’s way too far. Obama and Clinton are loading our TV’s, newspapers, and internet with their promises of a bright future for America, with their messages about how precious we young people are and how they will help us so much. Why do they bother to tell us how much they care about us when they support abortion, the #1 killer of our generation? All the unborn children who are right now in their mothers’ wombs will one day be young people like each of us, a bright future for America and the world. Let’s stand up for their lives. Next time Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton asks for your vote, ask them how you can trust them when they place no value on your life. They themselves have said that they would have been completely unconcerned if your life would have been unjustly and violently taken when you were an innocent, defenseless baby with an inalienable right to life. God bless.

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