The Pain of Abortion

The pain of abortion. The meaning of that phrase is almost incomprehensible in its immensity, in the millions upon millions of people that it covers. You’ve most probably seen me write about how I believe that every last one of us is touched in some way, however small, by abortion. But every now and then, I really begin to think about how far-reaching the affects of even one abortion can go, and it is totally overwhelming! And see, one of the most frightening things about the affects of abortion on us all is that, besides being just affected in some way, we are so often very painfully affected, even if we are not related to the person who was aborted! Abortion so profoundly affects the lives of those who are directly related to the child killed. The devastating ruin of such a tragedy becomes an inseparable part of them, and thus they often can successfully affect our lives through their efforts to cope after so great a tragedy. And sometimes we won’t even know that our lives are somehow being severely affected or pained by abortion. Maybe we would never understand the difficult behavior of someone we love or someone we work with, unless we knew that that person is trying to deal with an aborted child, or brother, or sister, or friend. I learned from my mother to always keep in mind, when speaking of abortion to people, that the person you are speaking to could very well be wounded in some way by abortion. To never assume that a hidden pain does not exist, and that you could, by your words, only deepen that pain and the resolve to never reveal it. The pain of abortion, even one abortion, is so far-reaching, so devastatingly endless in its echos. Perhaps there are even many politicians who furthur the abortion cause in efforts to justify the deaths of their own children, thus condemning thousands of other children to death in vain attempts to silence the voice of concience. And then we hear horrid stories of child abuse, perhaps because their parents are reliving the nightmares of having killed their children. And the ruined lives of those poor abused children when they grow up without love. The unthinkably painful echos of abortion. Too often now, we read strange news stories of suicides, strange and unexplainable. Happening to people whose friends say were happy, content, successful, rich, would never do such a thing. And so why, WHY, did it happen? We cannot answer this question, but I always find myself wondering if such suicides are yet another echo of the intense pain of abortion, another echo of a great tragedy that its victims do not know how to deal with. One of the saddest examples of the pain of abortion is the confusion and bewilderment that is found in abortion survivors and siblings of aborted children. They find no answers to their tragic questions about why they were allowed to live in place of their aborted siblings, and they wonder how they deserve to live. And their endless search for worth and love in their lives. The pain of abortion is also inextricably tied to the lives of the medical people whose hands are stained with innocent blood. Thousands of innocent lives, crushed and extinguished, weigh on them and affect all their patients, and mar the respect and awe for life that they were trained to have in their profession of healing. I often wonder what is must be like to be the staff of an abortion mill, and see, face to face, the inexpressable pain of abortion all day, every day! And to know that you devote your life to adding to that pain, to increasing that pain, to being an instrument of that pain! To see each mother walk in, and then walk out, and know that in each of them, you just created a world of hurt, a lifelong agony! What keeps those staff members going? It is that they are trying to justify the deaths of their own children through abortion? The incomprehensible echos of the pain of abortion! No war, no genocide, no plague, no natural disaster, has reached so painfully and so totally into the heart of each one of us and so affected our lives as abortion has. It has become a part of our culture, a part of so many families, even forming our culture in a way. Thus it is so important for the pro-life movement to be one of deep compassion, healing, and reaching out to all those whom abortion touches. Truly ending abortion also means healing the pain of abortion and stopping the endless echos of that pain. For if that pain remains and continues to ruin lives, abortion is not ended. Abortion does not end with the death of a child; it is only the beginning of a new world of pain and ruin for those who survive. Let us make it an increased effort to reach out with understanding and healing to all whose lives are affected by the pain of abortion. God bless.

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