Strong Pro-Life Showing in Aurora

Aurora rally April 26There’s a full report on Saturday’s rally in Aurora, IL here. Despite the nasty winds and unseasonably cold temperatures, over 400 pro-lifers came out to protest at the site of the largest currently operating abortion clinic in the U.S. One of the features of Saturday’s rally was a “Cemetery of Choice” consisting of tombstones with the names of women who have lost their lives due to abortion: Many pro-lifers offered prayers for these women and their babies and for an end to abortion. The rally ended on a high note with a commemoration of babies who have been saved from abortion. At Planned Parenthood Aurora, at least a dozen mothers have chosen life because of the prayer and counseling presence there, and those are only the ones we know about. And that number is just a fraction of the babies who have been saved across the country by the efforts of pro-lifers. balloon launchTo celebrate the lives of these babies, pink and blue helium balloons were distributed and pro-lifers tagged their balloons with a name for one of these babies. The balloons were released together in a beautiful display of the joy of life and the success of the pro-life movement. After our first big rally at Planned Parenthood Aurora last summer, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area CEO Steve Trombley said:

Most people spend their Saturdays taking their kids to the soccer game, doing things around the house, and I think as time moves on, people will go back to their normal lives.

What he doesn’t realize is that fighting abortion is something we do as part of our “normal lives”. And that’s why we’ll never stop.

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