Standing room only at Batavia Library Board Meeting

Board will decide on PP Teenwire website at next meeting

UPDATE: An excellent letter to the editor of the Kane County Chronicle about this issue was published in today’s issue. Take a look!

Crowd outside library board meetingThe crowd at the Batavia Library Board of Trustees meeting overflowed the room’s capacity last night. Over 50 citizens were moved to action on the library’s link to Planned Parenthood’s Teewire website. The board’s meeting was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., and they were expected to hear the case of Batavia citizens on the matter before their meeting began. Local parents Scott Russell, Sylvia Keppel, and Kerry Knott were allowed to present their case, Mrs. Knott even brought a multi-media presentation and a packet of information for the board members about the material on the Teenwire website. Although assurances had been made that all the citizens would be allowed to speak, at 7:15 p.m. the board cut off public comment and retired to their official meeting. They said that they would allow public comment from 6 to 7 p.m. before their next meeting on July 15, and they would make a final decision in that meeting. Crowd inside library board meetingWe would encourage any concerned citizens, and especially Batavia parents, to attend the July 15th meeting and let the board know that you want them to exercise better judgment in the materials they recommend to Batavia teens. We hope that the board will hear the obvious will of the library’s patrons and supporters on this issue and fulfill their role as public servants on this important issue that threatens the innocence of Batavia’s children. Press on the Event from:

Thanks to Dolores Weber for the pictures of the meeting!

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