SFLA Video Contest Winners

Students for Life of America have announced the winners of their first annual Pro-Life Video Activism Contest:

The goal was to inject YouTube.com with pro-life videos produced by students (currently enrolled in either high school or college) all over the U.S. to help educate Americans about Planned Parenthood and the stances the presidential candidates had taken on abortion issues. The students were asked to produce videos under 10 minutes in length based on one of two categories: De-funding Planned Parenthood or Pro-Life Voting in the 2008 Election…. [for] cash prizes ranging from $500 to $2000.

The University of Florida Pro-Life Alliance won the $2,000 first prize with their video documenting some of history’s greatest tragedies, and challenging our generation to take up the most important human rights issue of our time, the rights of unborn children: You can see the other winning videos here.

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