Serious and Urgent

I’m seriously concerned about this year’s presidential elections. I guess I’m realizing more and more how much we simply cannot afford to have the new President be pro-abortion. Besides all the evil that a pro-abortion President could do here in America, there is a ton of evil that he could do in other countries too, America being such a powerful and influential country on the world scale. He could also influence the United Nations’ views and actions concerning abortion. Fr. Frank Pavone has put together an overview of all the powers and influences that a President has concerning abortion and related issues. I found it to be very eye-opening, and it reinforced how important it is to have a pro-life President. To read this overview, go to www.politicalresponsibility.com and scroll down to find the article titled, “Elections Have Consequences”. It’s just so important that each of us does something to help see to it that we elect a pro-life President this year. Also at politicalresponsibility.com you will find many other resources that you can use for this year’s elections. It is very wonderful that the 40 Days for Life is happening right before elections. I believe that it will be very powerful in helping the pro-life cause to win out in the elections. Have you all heard how many cities will be participating in this 40 Days? Over 173!!! The largest pro-life campaign in history. God bless.

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