Revival Needed!

Many news headlines about the Catholic Church and hierarchy these days are very disquieting. Much of it is simply incomprehensible to me. Headlines about Pontifical Universities inviting pro-abortion speakers to their events, a movie reviewer for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops talking favorably about homosexual-friendly movies, a priest telling his people how they may need to go to confession before receiving Holy Communion if they voted for pro-abortion politicians, and then being undermined by his bishop; what’s happening to the Catholic Church? And 54% of Catholics voting for Obama. And so many strongly pro-abortion politicians calling themselves Catholic. And 60% of students at Catholic colleges and universities believing abortion is not wrong. Really, what happened? This question continues to baffle me, and I constantly struggle with trying to understand what it is exactly that is so sorely destroying the Faith of so many Catholics. Is it just the strangeness and watered-down conviction of modern morality? Is it a going back to the godlessness of pre-Christian times, and if so, why? Is it that we have just begun to loose sight of God in the midst of modern fast-paced, busy, high-tech lifestyles? Looking back in history to the time right after Christ, when Christianity first began to grow, we see the incredibly zealous faith of the early Christians, and what they braved and endured for the sake of their Faith. It was as it should be. We have all but lost that conviction now, and any heroism at all for our Faith is looked on as extraordinary and extreme. I wonder where it all went. It looks like Satan is trying one last time, through an interior enemy this time, to completely destroy the Church. I think that an interior enemy is the worst, since it tends to come unseen and unsuspected. So definitely the Church is going through her toughest trial now. But of course he won’t succeed, as the Virgin Mary has promised, and her Immaculate Heart will triumph. But so many happenings in the Church are downright strange, and again and again, I wonder how it is that the shepherds of the Church do not do more to protect and guide her. The strangeness and foreignness of moral relativism, which has so pervaded our world and our Church, often hits me directly in the face with its repulsiveness. Who could accept such a wishy-washy, unsure, weird code of conduct? I don’t know. I also often wonder exactly where moral relativism came from, and why it appeared at this time in history. I think that it is just up to each of us faithful Catholics to live out our Faith each day, and thus rescue our Church from the snares of the devil. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle! God bless.

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