Remembering Edrica: Killed by Planned Parenthood

Memorial for Edrica GoodeOne night last February, a 21-year-old college student named Edrica Goode fell severely ill. Her mother and her sister, a registered nurse, couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Nor could the hospital where they took her. The girl was so incoherent the hospital even sent her for exam at a nearby mental facility, only to have her sent back. On Valentines Day 2007, Edrica died of a massive septic infection. Her mother Aletheia later learned that on the morning of her illness, Edrica had gone to Planned Parenthood of Riverside, CA, where laminaria were inserted for a late term abortion procedure—despite her having a vaginal infection at the time. The laminaria acted as conductors of the local infection into Edrica’s entire bloodstream, killing her. Aletheia, who is suing Panned Parenthood for malpractice with help from the Thomas More Society (our attorneys), published the above memorial for Edrica in the paper yesterday. Please remember Edrica and her family in your prayers.

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