Public Service Announcement

The serpentEric sent a message the other day. We are approaching our one year anniversary of the battle’s beginnings. It made me think. We are all praying. Why then is Planned Parenthood still here? Perhaps our prayer needs to be punched up a level. Although we very often have events at which we gather to pray together for the cause, we usually pray within the secrets of our hearts. That is indeed a fruitful and beautiful way to pray as God knows the innermost stirrings that lie there in the hearts of everyone. But perhaps its time we make it publicly known just how much prayer we are investing here. Yes, I know. When you pray you should go into your room where no one can see you except God alone. But that is the point. Since God alone hears our prayer, it won’t slap satan in the face as powerfully as when the devil himself sees it and hears that it is happening. Satan does not necessarily know what we say when we pray to God. Making this publicly known shows the devil the power of God. This also will inspire others to pray for the cause. So what do you think. I feel so strongly that God wants everyone to know He is in charge here, it is his timetable and that we trust him.  Here’s what I suggest. In the replies below, write the time and length your prayer time is that is devoted exclusively for closing of Planned Parenthood. Even if it is for only a few minutes. If you can devote more time, great. For the Catholics out there, time before the Blessed Sacrament in a Holy Hour (even a Holy few minutes) is wonderful. Encourage others to pray about this and inform you of there prayer time. I will keep tabs on this and update you. For those out there that don’t feel religion should be involved here . . . it won’t deter us who pray for this. It will only inspire us all the more. God is in charge. Period.

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