Pro-Life Work in Russia!

Many of you may be familiar with the Catholic restoration efforts of several missionary priests in Russia. They are stationed in Vladivostok, and for 17 years they have labored tirelessly to restore the Catholic cathedral there. This cathedral had been confiscated by the communists during their regime and turned into a state archive. On February 3 of this year, the missionaries rededicated this cathedral. The name of this Russian mission is Mary Mother of God Mission Society. These priests’ work is absolutely amazing! There are VERY few priests in Russia, and SO MUCH work to be done! Only 1% of Russians go to church, because church was so taken out of their lives by the communists. The family in Russia is also almost totally in ruin, and the divorce rate is 80% during the first four years. The average child number per family is 1. And the average Russian woman has 8 abortions! So the poor Russian people are devastated, and the good priests are doing so much to help them and restore Russia. Major problems in Russia are contraception, abortion, and lack of chastity. The missionaries are doing incredible work to solve these and to help build a Culture of Life in Russia. They have ten pregnancy help centers now. They are helping orphans find good homes and families. And they have some other pro-life programs going. And listen to this: the Russian government fully supports the priests in going into public schools and talking about abortion, contraception, and chastity! So they are doing that too. The Russian government is going to build a huge new university in Vladivostok, and the missionaries hope to build a Newman Center there to give special help to the students. So they are now asking for special financial help to build this center. Seeing such awesome and wonderful pro-life efforts in Russia should give special encouragement, hope, and optimism to us here in the American pro-life movement! The work of these missionary priests for God and the Russian people is so incredible and beautiful! I’ve been blessed to have been to help them a little for 8 years. On behalf of the priests dedicating their lives to such great work, I’m asking you to please specially help them! Help them with your prayers, with financial help if you can, and even consider traveling to Russia to help with their work for a few days (there are special volunteer trips to Russia that you can be a part of). For any more info on this wonderful Russian mission, visit their website here. Thank you so much for your help, and God bless!

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